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12.08.2017 08:34
Angels are unable to put a team around Trout Antworten

The Los Angeles Angels have the leagues best player in Mike Trout. However, the remain mediocre in the AL West and they don’t have much time to improve.

Currently, the Los Angeles Angels are one game below .500. They’re third place in the AL West and the likelihood of a Gregorio Petit Jersey Wild Card appearance is becoming slimmer as the end of August approaches.
The whispers of questions concerning Mike Trout’s prime are growing. It would appear that the Angels are unable to put a team around Trout that can compete and stay healthy.
I’ve been writing for Halo Hangout for over two years now. As an avid Angels fan, I can say that fans should be concerned. The concern should be for the Angels long term future. Luckily, Trout has a no trade clause in his contract.

However, the end of his contract is approaching rapidly. The Angels have a farm system that is ranked 28th in the league according to Their core pitching staff has been battling the injury bug since 2014.

They bring in star caliber players, only to designate them in the middle of the season. All this brings the question of what is really going on with the Angels?

Now , I’ll admit, at the beginning of this season I had high hopes. Garrett Richards was healthy, we trade for Danny Espinosa, we signed Luis Valbuena, and picked up Cameron Maybin. I thought, ok, once we get Andrew Heaney back in full form we could contend with the Houston Astros. We all know how that turned out.

Sure, we could blame Mike Scioscia, Billy Eppler, and Arte Moreno. However, what good would that actually do? Blaming those guys would be the same as blaming Donald Trump for the McRib not being on the everyday menu at McDonald’s.

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