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ever, the singularity o Antworten

No one knows what is gestating in the seed. Perhaps the seeds sprouted in the same place, growing quietly, growing in obscurity, and withering in a step-by-step manner; perhaps the seeds drifted with the wind and the sea, covering the fertile soil at the end of the horizon, in the new world. Perhaps it��s a flash in the pan, maybe it��s a long-lasting flow of water; maybe it��s the luck of a five-petal clove, maybe the dog��s tail is ordinary... In short, it��s not necessarily the seed itself, or the previous generation of the seed sow. Exactly explain the future direction. However, it is the seeds that have to break through the ground and return to the unknown future. As a result, the seeds accumulate in the dark, waiting in the drift, using the years or even ten years of time, in exchange for the moment of germination [url=]Cigarettes For Sale[/url]. Therefore, some seeds in the sleep under the soil, silently grab the nourishment, waiting to break through the darkness of the "gong became famous"; some seeds, in the drift, the world will be included in the fundus, after reading the cool after the cool, Prepare for the next rooting. Before breaking the ground, each seed is filled with its own cotyledons in a unique way. Everyone is a seed, and each seed contains thousands of stories. Everyone is a clump of grass, grassy, ??windy, grassy. Grass is in such a way, deducting the humble and not despicable life when the grass is proud, and when it is necessary to compete with Ling Xiaohua, the soil that is tightly buckled under the foot will promptly position the grass and abandon the high and unstable. The glitz; when the grass is smug, sighing at the time of its own weakness, the blue sky above the head and the straight bud tip will help the grass out of inferiority and find itself. Therefore, the grass can keep the evergreen after the wind is over [url=]Wholesale Cigarettes[/url], and it can also stand upright after standing on the hoof. The philosophy of grass always reveals the nobleness of the small and medium-sized, even if it is neglected, the grass is also an indispensable member of the colorful; even if it climbs to the heights, the grass is still only a member of the ordinary. Living without humiliation is the greatest wisdom of the grass. Everyone is a clump of grass. Every clump of grass has a thousand gestures. Everyone is a tree from the thin branches of short stunts to the towering trees decades later. The trees mature in the wind and frost and grow in the rain. No one can say the suffering of the tree��s life. Those cold and hot summers can only be found in the denseness of the annual rings. However, the singularity of the wind and the frost will only cast a shade of life for the surging life of the tree, holding a bowl of scented pulp for the tired songs of the tree, and providing a shelter for the lonely birds above the head. The tribulation silences the tree, and the hardships make the tree broad. The tree will not show off the glorious achievements of the past. It will only quietly use its own growth, in a unique way, remembering the silence of the tree, it is brewing; the sky is the wisdom. The tree, always in the most aggressive posture, stands out for the most magnificent poems and songs. Everyone is a tree, and each tree tells thousands of legends. Pascal said that man is a thoughtful weed. I said that people are not just a thought-provoking "grass" [url=]Newport 100S[/url].

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