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Key plays from Bucs Week 1 victory The Tampa Bay Antworten

Buccaneers are undefeated! It’s a corny joke [url=][/url] , but it’s a fun one.In all seriousness, the Bucs did some damage by putting 48 points on the New Orleans Saints to get their first win of the season.It was also their first road win, win against a 2017 playoff team and win against a division rival. Not bad for one week’s work. All of the scoring plays are important, but we’re here for the ones that helped establish the success which led to the scoring, and more importantly, the winning. Here are your key plays from the Buccaneers’ Week 1 win against the New Orleans Saints!The Play: Big Aggression in the Big EasyTampa Bay and offensive coordinator Todd Monken came into Week 1 with one word in mind: Attack.And attack they did. Our first play is more stylistic than the rest, and so I’ve brought you three examples.The first one, a big strike to DeSean Jackson deep as he ran past Saints safety Marcus Williams to tie the game early in the first quarter.Then, the Bucs’ ground game got going with a couple of big runs by Peyton Barber. In this one, Williams is victim to Barber’s momentum and strength as he plows through the safety for a first down.Finally, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick got into the action with his legs and shoulder as well as his arm. This score helped get his team to a ten point lead before the end of the first quarter. Again, it was Williams who felt the pain of the Tampa Bay aggression.Williams and the Saints certainly took the game plan established by the Buccaneers early and often. These three plays are just a few examples of the attack the offense brought into hostile territory.The Play: Curry Wants a PuntWith just around ten minutes left to play in the first half, there hadn’t been a single punt in the 17-17 game. Vinny Curry had enough of it, and on third-and-four the Super Bowl Champion stepped up to get his first sack of the season and as a Buccaneer.The Tampa Bay offense not only made good on Curry’s efforts, but rewarded the team with a touchdown pass from Fitzpatrick to Chris Godwin and bled five minutes of the clock in the process.The Play: Fitzmagic Gets RollingRolling may not be the right word. Moving, or more specifically, running would fit better.Fitzpatrick had 36-yards on twelve carries, and two stuck out to me a little more than the others. Well [url=]Beau Allen Jersey[/url] , two more on top of the touchdown run we talked about earlier.First, on a second and eight in the red zone with five and a half minutes remaining in the half, and his Bucs tied with the Saints at 17 a piece.The previous play was a short pass to Jacquizz Rodgers, and there was a sense that how this drive ended was going to have a big part to play in deciding who won this game.Following a timeout, the veteran quarterback came back to the line, made an adjustment and promptly took what can only be referred to as an un-designed quarterback draw.Fox’s coverage team explained just why it looks like an uncalled for quarterback draw, and the lack of blocking behavior from the receivers is the biggest indicator.This run set the Buccaneers up with a third and six, which isn’t much better than eight, but it’s enough to force the defense to play honest.New Orleans’ honestly allowed Fitzpatrick and Godwin enough room to connect for the go ahead touchdown as the Bucs took a 24-17 lead.The second run came at the end of the game. This time on a third down play, Fitzpatrick didn’t scramble for a better next play, he scrambled to take a knee.The long run not only showed just how smart Fitzpatrick can be, it showed just how much the Saints learned to respect the team’s receiver threats. If they aren’t all running downfield with the receivers, then Fitzpatrick doesn’t have the room to run. He did. He took it. And three knees later, the Buccaneers walked out of New Orleans with the win because of it.The Play: Scoop and ScoreUp until this point it was mostly back and forth. The Saints fired the first shots and from there it was on. First, the sack leading to the first punt of the game allowed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to take serve.This play, gave them a lap up on the home team. That’s a lot of sports analogies, but I think you get the jist.Vernon Hargreaves poked it loose and Justin Evans took it back for the score. The two score lead was big, and obviously turned out to be just what they needed.The Final Play: New Year [url=]Authentic DeSean Jackson Jersey[/url] , New Wrinkles3rd-and-3, clock is under 7:30 to go in the game and the Bucs are up two scores. Let’s be honest here folks. We all expected a run, draw or screen.Instead, we got a 35-yard pass to DeSean Jackson over cornerback Ken Crawley. The 2017 Buccaneers would’ve never done that, or they wouldn’t have done it well. Last year, this would have been Charles Sims territory nine times out of ten. Of course, it’s likely they also wouldn’t have secured the win here. There was frustration late as many feel like the Bucs let off the gas too early. But this is evidence that with fewer than eight minutes remaining, Monken hadn’t gotten too one dimensional with his offense just yet.Unfortunately, Jackson was injured on the play, but will hopefully be healthy enough to play against the Eagles this coming weekend. It stands as just one more example of how this year’s offense is just so different than last year’s.This year, it wasn’t a screen to Sims or anyone else, at least this week it was nine-route to Jackson. And it was fantastic. The Bucs are recharged coming off the bye week and so are we with this week’s bold predictions. Both teams enter this game with the season hanging in the balance. Tampa Bay had a plethora of issues to fix over the extra week. Did they figure out how to correct said issues or are they problems that linger throughout the season?There won’t be an official answer until Sunday, but until then, ease your mind with these predictions for the divisional showdown in Week 6.1. Julio Jones will catch his first two touchdowns of the season (Evan)When I said ease your mind, I lied. Jones averages around 1,293 yards a season, but only about six touchdowns coming into 2018. He has yet to score this year.As great as Jones is as a player, he is oddly allergic to the end zone. That will change this weekend.Jones is no stranger to success when it comes to playing Tampa Bay. No matter what [url=]Adam Humphries Jersey[/url] , he always finds a way against the Bucs.I'll let Greg Auman of the Athletic expound my point:Yea. Let that sink in for a minute or two.Tampa Bay’s defense is trash and I haven’t seen enough from Mike Smith over the past two seasons to think anything will improve on Sunday.Jones makes his hay - and many fantasy owners happy - on Sunday.2. The Bucs rush for over 100 yards as a team (Evan)The Falcons have allowed at least 113 yards on the ground in four of five games on the season. They lost three of those, with the one victory coming against the Carolina Panthers. The Bucs, on the other hand, have rushed for 100 yards as a team just once in four games. That came in the Week 1 victory against the New Orleans Saints. Since Week 1, they have averaged a terrible 55 yards per game on the ground and are officially the worst rushing team before contact heading into Week 6.Something has to give this weekend between the two teams. Atlanta could be without Pro Bowl DT Grady Jarret for the second straight week, which would be a major victory for the Bucs’ offensive line. Jarrett is one of the best interior defensive linemen in the NFL, even though the Falcons were giving up an average 119 rushing yards per game before his injury. Tampa Bay should have a temporary solution for the ground game after the extra week and I expect it to come to full fruition against the Falcons.3. There will be at least (10+) 20-yard plays from both teams, combined. The Falcons average right around five plays of 20 yards or more per game and give up an average of four. The Bucs average around five as well and give up about five. Expect things to stay on track this weekend. 4.Ryan Smith receives more playing time over Brent Grimes at some point for consecutive weeks. (Alex)Since returning from injury, Grimes has been picked on by opposing teams in the only two games he has played this season. Is it rust? Age? Match ups? The Buccaneers need Grimes to be at his best in order for this defense to improve. Ryan Smith played the best game of his career in week two and since then has seen very limited action outside of the second half of week four, which again, he played good football. Grimes will struggle again this week and Tampa Bay will turn to Smith for help. 5. Jameis Winston has the best all around game of his career. (Alex)It might not be the boldest prediction because the Atlanta Falcons simply don’t have a good defense, but it’s something I think will happen come Sunday. Look, Winston is a lot better then the national media paints him out to be and throughout his career he has actually played some of his best ball against the Falcons. Outside of O.J. Howard, who isn’t likely to play this week, the rest of the offense is healthy and ready to go against a banged up Falcons defense. This game provides an opportunity for Tampa Bay to get back on track with their starting quarterback of the future. Can Jameis get the Bucs back on track?Quinn Harris-USA TODAY SportsWe saw it throughout the preseason, Winston is ready to go this year and is on a mission to prove people wrong. Winston goes for over 400 yards and 4 touchdowns. BOOK IT.

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