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Everyone says that learning is good. As a middle school student, I think so. But it is like a bottle of medicine, but I have tasted it too hard - let me worry about it! The horrible homework is described as "Taishan Topping". If you ask me why? I will use the facts to tell you: "Language - more than 30 exercises in A4 size; mathematics - more than 60 exercises in A3 size; English - more than 20 in 16K size exercises!" The heavy learning task is like suppressing the spring breeze of sports and play with the pressure of the sky [url=]Marlboro Cigarettes[/url]. The five-day "devil-style training" finally passed [url=]Marlboro Gold[/url], and the "old goblin" cram school that took over the weekend came to me. I am as miserable as stepping into the swamp. But this "old goblin" can just go, and the "devil" is inseparable from me. Somehow, I missed the so-called heavy work that I thought at the time of elementary school, but it was just that! I can't help but learn a little bit - it makes me so happy! When you swim in the ocean of knowledge, you have a word - cool! Enter the source of the book - the library. The bursts of books made my stomach "squeaky", which was hunger for knowledge. "simple. The various enlightenments in Love have benefited me a lot; the social atmosphere in "Camel Xiangzi" has made me squandered... The quaint pages of the book are in a pair of old and perhaps young hands, but young Old, perhaps beautiful or ugly, but on the balance of learning and absorbing knowledge, they are equal. I am happy to read, read, and endorse �C maybe I will write a book in the future. But one thing is unquestionable. That is, no matter how much wind and rain, how much hardship, mountain-like knowledge will always be like a bright light, guiding one person after another to move forward; and learning is the advance Power [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url]. I used to think that the pain of learning, the regression of achievements, the frustration of fear, and the variety of homework put pressure on me, like the woods of the thorns. When I dragged the legs that were cut by the thorns and pulled out the last step to pull out the thorns, I found that I had learned so wide and wide. It turns out that through the thorns, it is the sea! It��s a brand new world. At that moment, it illuminates my double thoughts. I can��t help but scream happily at the sun: learning �C let me rejoice on the road to success, learning is everyone. An indispensable part. It makes me sad but it also makes me taste the joy of success. Learning - make me happy and make me worry!
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