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Small flowers, sultry fragrance, like you. - Inscribed at the door of the home, planted a white orchid. In the spring and summer, the elegant white orchids popped out from the branches. Sitting under the big tree, you can always smell the fragrance of the sultry, let people feel refreshed from the bottom of their hearts. Grandma likes white orchids most. When I was ignorant of my language, my grandmother liked to insert the unopened white orchid into my hair and contaminated the fragrance. When I grew up, I saw a man and a woman more than once in the photo of Grandma��s baby [url=]Marlboro Lights[/url]. Young grandmother and grandfather, the woman is clear and generous, the man is ashamed and handsome. And, a white orchid is always inserted in the grandmother's head. Grandma loves the white orchid very much. I watched it more than I did. When I was young, I didn't understand things. I stubbornly thought that the white orchid tree took away my grandmother's love for me, and then used a knife to draw a few marks on the tree. She saw it and gave me a slap for the first time with her handcuffs [url=]Marlboro Red[/url]. Then I held me in my arms and couldn't stop crying. She loves the white orchid tree like she loves him. In the spring and summer communication, flowers bloom on the white orchid tree. One after another, squatting. Small white orchid, yellowed yellow core, white coat, a few petals of slender petals, slightly tilted body. Grandma always knocks them down and puts them everywhere in the house. The fragrance spreads at home, and it is beautiful if it is a dream. The day my grandmother left was summer. The day before, her spirit was okay, and I was asked to accompany him to pick up the white orchid tomorrow. It was said that Bai Lan had to pick it early. It was too late for the aroma to be gone. Such a white orchid had no spirit, but it was not good. She said this, the blind man is the glory that can't be concealed. Every time she picks up the white orchid, she must be the happiest. Even the Spring Festival will not have such a good interest. Unfortunately, there is no tomorrow. Just a fall, Grandma never blinked. The one who can lift me high, the old man who is known as the most spiritual in the village, has left. Dad said that Grandma must have owed us too much in my life, and I have left in this life. I turned my back to Dad and didn't dare to turn around. I was afraid that I would fall when I saw my father's tears. In fact, I understand you. That white orchid is transplanted with your grandfather. Later, Grandpa went to death and left three children to you. You are not married again [url=]Marlboro Gold[/url], and one person has propped up his home. So I like Bailan, is it just looking for a thought? But, little flowers, sultry fragrance, like you. Beat the white orchid and gently put it in front of Grandma's portrait, let it accompany me and walk the road. Finally, I burst into tears. In tears, I saw a couple, standing under the white orchid tree, bending my eyebrows, smiling and looking at Bailan, I will smell the fragrance of the sultry, and see you, my dear grandma.
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