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A few years ago, when I was still sitting in the elementary school teacher who was full of childhood, I listened to the teacher's dreams, youth, and the future [url=]Marlboro Gold[/url]. It��s very beautiful, very attractive, and it makes me to me. But I still don't know, dream, what is youth. Just know that they will be the best memories of my growing up. But gradually, I stepped into junior high school and suddenly found the teacher's "lie first day, I first contacted basketball. Looking at the classmates' gorgeous movements, my heart was full of admiration, I was looking forward to it. I started practicing basketball. Finished on weekends. After the homework, I was soaked in the stadium. It was a few hours. My friend was dragged by my enthusiasm. I left the stadium early. I went to the night, under the light of the stadium, dribbling, pitching, dribbling, pitching. ...... I am not willing to leave. In this way, gradually, I fell in love with basketball, it is more than just training, it has become a dream. I am sitting next to the TV playing the game, standing on the hot stadium, The thrown ball crossed the air, and everything seemed to be gone. I forgot to study, forgot the results, and forgot the future. I watched the stars play, as if they were in the professional basketball court, swaying Sweat, for your love, whenever you come into contact with basketball, you will feel incomparable and feel excited. This is a dream. Youth dreams are beautiful, but reality is always cruel. In learning, against the water I don��t want to go back. The love of basketball has already drowned this sentence. As a result, I was stunned by life and beaten. My grades began to decline, and I was ranked 8th in the history ranking. I sat at home. , the results table, and looked at the basketball, a few drops of crystal tears on the table, fell a crush. Summer vacation, accidentally heard three blood boy's "Youth Practice Handbook" on the street, unconsciously, Tears fell down again. I was on a chessboard, I had to give up one to win, and this one was the last thing I wanted to give up. The hand was shaking on the board, shaking, shaking for a long time. I In the end, I finally learned which one I loved and studied with all my heart. At the beginning of the school [url=][/url], I got a good grade in the initial exam, and I got the first in the unit exam [url=]Cigarettes Online[/url]. However, another slap fan was on my face. Life is like a barbaric person, he will be insatiable, but you can't do anything. The physical education class is changed to the teacher, the teacher only lets football. The basketball class she promised has not yet arrived. I am going to play basketball in the league. The classmate said that the game was cancelled. Only the basketball clubs that can play are not recruiting. I am holding back tears. After school, I walked out of the school, tears finally came out. Since then, the sun in my heart has been extinguished. The ideal dream is like this, I finally Clearly, the teacher lied, and the classmates lied. They made me think of dreams, how beautiful youth is, and it is so memorable. In life, in society, I have to surrender my dreams and step into it. Parents, teachers, the right way, I have to choose to give up that grid. However, wildfires, after all, can not burn the wild grass is also long. I ask myself every day: Are you worthy of the previous you? Have you fulfilled your previous promises? I looked at the great men in history, the celebrities made their dreams; listened to the anger of thousands of young people; the readers struggled with hard work. I read what is youth. I grabbed it again. Basketball, hold him tightly in his arms. Dreams are part of youth, must not be vacant, and must not give up. This plate can never be a perfect life pattern, I have to take it It was perfect. Although this is very naive and frivolous, it is youth, never give up. I want to go with this conviction, carry the dream and the reality together, although this road is very long, I will be very tired. But I can rely on reality and drive my dreams forward. This youth violates the manual, which is the youth of my youth reality, the youth in the textbook; my youth, the parents and teachers are against the common sense of youth; and I yearn for youth, it is my madness against the hurricane, frivolous Brave, and rational youth.
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