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the letter. "That Antworten

After the fencing class, the sky is already dark. Outside the school gate, what time is the street light? Occasionally, a few cars will fly by and bring a burst of sound. In addition, it is very quiet. In addition to me, there are still a few people waiting for parents. Waiting to wait, the sky is darker, and people are leaving one after another. Finally, I left only one, standing alone, looking forward, waiting. Under the light of a small piece of the street lamp, I have not waited for that red. I stood on the side of the road with my bag, watching the traffic coming and going, anxiously waiting. At first, I was excited and felt that my mother was coming soon. So, the day, the car, the trees on both sides were happy and bright. I was looking forward to recognizing the car and the car I was going to [url=]Online Cigarettes[/url], thinking about seeing the red car in my house soon, then I stood for more than ten minutes, almost motionless, looking at it, the day was dark, the car It is also blurred, and the tree is quiet. Hope and enthusiasm are like the magma that is poured into the water, and the white smoke is solidified. It seems that I understand that the car I am waiting for will not come right away [url=]Cheap Cigarettes[/url]. I started to walk around boring and walked around. From time to time, the car will drive out from the shadow of the corner to the light. Sometimes I look at a similar car and I will be excited, but not after all. It was already at night, the city was shining brightly, and the big campus was quiet behind me, leaving me alone at the school gate. Suddenly, a touch of familiar red flashed out, yes, definitely! I quickly ran to the side of the road and suddenly got excited. The familiar figure and color are definitely my car. I thought, it ignored me and went straight, so I fell into a loss. Later, the bag was too tired to carry, and I put down my bag and sat on it. The night is so quiet. There are fewer cars, only a few sparse ones. I watched the street enter the gods and started to stay. After returning to God, I found a red car parked beside me. I suddenly couldn��t speak, and I couldn��t express it in a thousand words. How to express it? This complicated love got on the car. I said to my mother, "I think about the theme of the weekend composition, just write the waiting car!" [Part 2] The parent meeting last night is still coming, less than 6:30. My mother hurried out of the door and left me with two simple words: "Doing a good job" and "Reading more books." I started at the desk and waited for the alarm clock on the coming table of the storm to "tick-tick--" and turn around in an orderly manner. My heart is not messy and will report the results? The mother who scores the attitude will definitely ask my teacher about my grades. Will the teacher criticize me for regressing? Thinking of this, I seem to have thought of the snoring of my mother's face after entering the door... I have been groping for a long time in this simple math problem. As soon as I heard my mother's footsteps, my nerves tightened and I thought: The storm is coming! Wood, sorry! "I must have heard it wrong, I was worried, and I still didn't respond. My mother suddenly leaned over and kissed me on my face. My heart was just like a strong shot, and I slowly reacted. "Your letter I watched..." Mom smiled, like my 6-year-old sister got the same safflower from kindergarten. "Mom always said that you don't live up to expectations, I am wrong! It seems that you are really grown up... I am very happy to see this letter - "Letter? My thoughts switched to yesterday. Teacher Jiang asked our class to communicate with their parents before the parent meeting." If you can't say anything, write it on paper. Write it on the desk. In fact, this is also a good idea for this parent meeting. Is my mother's change because of my "swearing" words? Or a few words "French filial piety" or my last sentence "Father and mother I love you." "Sweet expression? Looking at my mother's comfortable smile, I really blush for the perfunctory mentality when I wrote the letter. "That - parents What did you say at the meeting? "I sincerely and sincerely asked with great interest. "A lot of them are about children's education. The math teacher said that parents can't be the shopkeeper, especially Jiang said that parents are the lifelong class teacher. The results are important, and the education is more important... The English teacher thinks that good habits will get twice the result with half the effort. "It seems that this time the parents will get a lot of money!" ""Yep! Parents' words and deeds are the best nutrition for children to grow up! "My mom smiled slightly and thoughtfully [url=]Newport 100S[/url]. I was relieved. The long wait, in my sincere communication, let me and my mother's heart tightly cuddle together."
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