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14.11.2019 02:23
self, crying, tears, and Antworten

Its coat color is very beautiful, it is a different bird. Uncle bought it as a gift and gave it to the birdcage by the window. People who came to my house praised it, and it gradually became my partner. However, I slowly discovered that it is not like other birds, it always screams [url=]Cheap Cigarettes[/url], but it is very quiet, a look of worry. When I bury my head in the endless piles of work, I always ignore everything around me. Of course, I also look at its quietness and sorrow. Spring is coming, and many birds have come to my window. They sing on the telephone poles. There is only one game on the grass. They always stay on the windowsill of my house. It looks like the day I was looking for. I am home, very strange, the birds that are silent without saying a word are not stopping. I quickly ran over and saw a familiar shadow: it was the bird that was staying on our window sill, and now it was standing on the birdcage by the window, and the birds in the cage were screaming. Seeing me coming, the caged bird flew away. On the side of the metal cage that it just stayed, I faintly saw a shallow bloody mark. Many of the days after that day passed. I am still busy, still ignoring everything outside of my habits. Until one day, after changing the bird food, I forgot to lock the cage door, and came back to the empty cage. I found out that the little bird that stayed outside the window was gone. The cage is empty, I am still busy. The train that took the time, greeted the next stop, but was thrown into the night, with the ruthless night, feeling the loneliness - under the cover of the night, no colorful colors, only the neon lights are reminded I was in the midst of the night, looking up at the stars, I wanted to see the stars, but I saw the black ones, the boundless thoughts, the immersion in the boundless loneliness. Looking up at the moon, even he is not willing to be with the night, I do not know where to hide. I began to fear the night, could not find the object of pouring, and endured the torture of loneliness alone [url=]Cigarettes Online[/url]. I wanted to get the train ticket to the early morning through the previous efforts, but because of the panic of the moment, I fell deeply into the ruthless night, my heart is like a knife, but no one cares, even if Just a trace of comfort, only one can hold a heartache; I burst into tears, but no one came to wipe for me, even if I just handed a tissue, I could only taste bitterness alone. I sat in the night, watching the faint moonlight cast on the branches swaying in the wind, sketching the gloomy pictures on the ground, making faces, as if laughing at my weakness. I am so saddened by myself in the sunshine, laughing, laughing loudly, crying and crying, everything is so natural, and the emotions have never been concealed. But now, I stopped in the dark, no one came to pull me out of the night; let me feel lonely, unable to extricate myself, crying, tears, and want to stop... really want to tear open the night, break through loneliness, find Back to the day, though I was innocent and true, I used my most brilliant smile to meet the next stop. The silence of the night exchanged for the peace of my heart, covering up all the embarrassment, listening to the voice of my heart, I am not willing to be defeated by difficulties [url=]Cigarettes For Sale[/url], after all, my confidence is not yet. At night, I can't hide my mind when I am confused. I want to find a future that I am not confused in this confused night. Looking up at the starry sky, I found that my heart is not far away, and my dreams are not far away. As long as I raise my toes, the road is in front of me... I have packed my mind and re-entered the journey, suddenly discovering that I have already walked out of the night, running, cheering. Going to meet the next stop
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