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Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, his ears were surrounded by Mao's difficult "Sorrow", and the deep lyrics washed away that calm heart. The afterglow of the sunset caused the glass bottles on the windowsill to reflect a faint seven-color. The wind was blowing gently, accompanied by the music of the song, the peaceful heart was turbulent ... The night was hazy, the neon lights flickered, and it gave out a bright light. In this bustling city, buildings are row after row, and the store halls are bright as day. On the electronic screen next to the street, all kinds of advertisements are played over and over again and again, lighting the curiosity of passersby. There are also some stores that closed the cashier's door, and no amount of money could be worth the warmth and joy of reuniting with family. On the road, cars are moving forward, and with the yellow lights, the horns of the cars are much clearer. They walk on the light and shadow, or go home, or head for a new journey. My mind, accompanied by music, flows a young man with a dream, struggling in this bustling city. They have dreamed about their future, and they have kept their original dreams [url=]Parliament Cigarettes[/url]. They remind themselves all the time: be the best of yourself! How ordinary they are inside [url=]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url]. They are not disturbed by the red dust of the world. They are fearless and aside from the shackles, they work hard and are flying to the blue sky that belongs to them. They seem extraordinary, because they have extraordinary dreams, they are brave dreamers! Their hearts are pure, and the hearts not precipitated by this world are leading them to the other side of their success. Those were lying in a rocking chair, looking up at the sky, thinking about people in their first 50s. They have already tasted the sweetness and bitterness of this world, they have already seen the different makeup on everyone's face. Their ordinaryness dispelled the confusion, and the half-life of joy and sorrow had already thickened their shoulders. They have been far away from the strife in the world, with calm and serenity written on their faces, they live a faint life, and their unsettled hearts calm down when they were young. They can no longer wander in the world as ordinary people. The age and generation gap between people have prevented them from seeing the world. Maybe a song of Teresa Teng, the sweet singing voice can make them see that their ordinary heart can't be more ordinary than that child's heart. They have not been baptized with red dust, and in their youth they can fly without turning back against the wind. They are not afraid of rain in their hearts and frost in their eyes. They always melt the coldness of the world with that warm smile. They will be easily satisfied, and their brilliant smile that day is unlike all the gorgeous flowers in the world. Their words and actions are the best gifts in the world. No need to think too much, what they do is their truest self. What an ordinary heart, nothing will be a trouble for him. Their innocence of the world has brought different glory to the world. Men, women, the elderly, and children. With their existence, the world can be colorful. In the noisy city, with such beating hearts [url=]Cigarettes For Sale[/url], with such ordinary people, we can have different glory and vigor. No one can change their mind, it will change over time. Only when you are truly disdainful of the strife in the world and immersed in your own world, will you discover how pure and moving your heart is
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