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8 Observations from the Arizona Cardinals loss to the Seattle Seahawks Coming out of another loss [url=]Youth Larry Fitzgerald Jersey[/url] , the Arizona Cardinals are the only team in the NFL at 0-4. Some observations through four weeks.1. McCoy seems to playing more run plays on first down... Mr. McCoy, that’s predictable. Hearing the outcries from the people on here, it’s no surprise they want Mike McCoy gone from the state of Arizona. Go coach college, Mr. McCoy. Please?2. Let Rosen do whatever the hell he wants in the playbook. I felt confident with his awareness in the pocket, and I now understand the future seems bright for Josh Rosen.3. Phil Dawson is not a clutch kicker, how has no one seen this in the front office. In a lot of ways, I wish we could have struggled with Matt McCrane. McCrane won the game for the Raiders against the Browns, while Dawson collects from the AARP. 4. If you keep both Dawson and McCoy after this week, which is putrid, then what is the point of suiting up? We already have seen enough play calls to know the predictability of Mike McCoy. Could this type of commitment to a coordinator and/or player be the downfall of Steve Keim? Can we hope so? I do. Keim needs to right this ship himself, or we can go 1-15 for the year. Who could replace? I feel confident that Byron Leftwich has seen enough game time situations, and I feel confident in the way he’s coached Josh Rosen, and in some way, Charles Kanoff. 5. This defense needs a turnover, and in short order. I saw quite a tenacity from Benwikere. I thought Chandler Jones took on double teams well, and Pat P played very well in both the pass and run game. But when a team is lacking in the turnover department, that leaves little room for error. There needs to be pressure off the edges, but let’s fix one thing at a time.6. What did Deone Bucannon and Haason Reddick do to be in the dog house? It seemed to me that the Cardinals tried very hard to run 2-linebacker sets throughout the game. That works, when you have a linebacker like Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis. When you have Josh Bynes, a very unathletic linebacker who has played well this year, and Deone Bucannon, an undersized linebacker who would be better in slot coverage, you develop a reputation as a non-physical team. 7. If the Cardinals continue to stink like they do with Mike McCoy and Phil Dawson, they most likely will have a chance to be in the top-3 of this next years draft class. My guess for those three selections? (from first to third) Ed Oliver (violent and crafty, think bigger Aaron Donald), Nick Bosa (supposedly better then Joey Bosa [url=][/url] , but come on, that’s Joey freaken Bosa, he demands double teams), and N’Keal Harry (local kid with great hands, exceptional route-running, and smart IQ.). Which would Cardinals fans prefer? In my opinion, Oliver and Bosa are generational players, and Harry reminds me of Megatron. 8. I don’t think people care how I would run this team, but I’m gonna spoon feed ya anyways. I love the front four of Chandler Jones, Corey Peters, Robert Nkemdiche, and Markus Golden (the more he plays). Keeping those guys, plus the rotation of Benson Mayowa, Olsen Pierre, Rodney Gunter, and Zach Moore looks solid. It now starts at the second level. I love Budda Baker in the slot, he belongs there, but on obvious run-downs, I think he needs to be substituted for Deone Bucannon, who will strictly run nickel. Bucannon is too slow to be a safety, and is too small to be a linebacker. This movement now allows him to play the run without getting tangled up with guards, and Budda would be allowed to relax in coverage, or spy. Putting Haason Reddick as a pass-rusher would give you more flexibility to have Bucannon and Baker on the field at the same time. This is just one man’s opinion of how to use the weapons around you. Anyways, look out for one of my draft columns. Thanks for reading. For the first time this season, the Cardinals philosophy of don’t let the offense screw it up, worked as the Cardinals won 28-18.The first offensive play of the game made you excited [url=][/url] , but the rest of the game was just depressing offensively.Josh Rosen connected with Christian Kirk on a 75-yard touchdown pass to open up the game, and the Cardinals finished with only 223 yards of offense against a 49ers team that was 27th in points per game and 19th in yards per game.That doesn’t mean much against this Cardinals offense, who is unequivocally and undoubtedly the worst in the NFL at this juncture.The fast start on offense was matched by an equally impressive first half on defense, as the Cardinals would force two turnovers, one that setup the Cardinals second touchdown, a two-yard David Johnson run.It was the dreaded second half that hurt the Arizona Cardinals again on offense, as the team produced a measly 77 yards of offense.It caused the defense to play an ungodly amount in the second half, playing over 20 minutes of defense in the second half alone, as the offense had the ball for only seven minutes and 44 seconds.That’s what happens when your offense can’t stay on the field or sustain drives.However, it didn’t matter, because the Cardinals defense made play after play in this game.The Cardinals forced five turnovers, while Josh Rosen, who struggled today, managed to protect the ball and not turn it over, which allowed the defense to play from ahead and it helped.Tre Boston started the day with an interception, Chandler Jones had a sack, fumble recovery, Patrick Peterson recovered a fumble, returned it inside the five, Haason Reddick had a strip sack that Josh Bynes returned for a touchdown and Been Benwikere finished off the day with an interception with a long return that setup the Cardinals fourth and final touchdown if the day, a David Johnson eight-yard run.It was what Steve Wilks has been waiting for and what he needed, as the Cardinals are on the board in the win column.The offense still was not good, but it was good enough for this week.

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