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other. Together they encourage: Antworten

He and she happened to meet in a friend's cabin. He doesn't have Wei's body and chic demeanor; neither her bright eyes nor her cherry mouth belong to her. Friends chat together. She reads a trace of melancholy and depression in his heart from his seemingly gentle face; and he feels an optimistic and uplifting spirit from her speech. So he invited her, and in order to decipher the sad code in his heart, she readily accepted the appointment. They strolled under the moonlight [url=]Cheap Cigarettes[/url], and he spoke slowly about his life. He was born in a poor rural area. He had a very hard life. It was common for him to endure hunger and cold; but he studied very hard. The year he graduated from high school, he became the champion of the college entrance examination for science in the county [url=]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url]. Missed; when he graduated from college [url=]Parliament Cigarettes[/url], because the poor could not weave the web of relationships, he was kicked and thrown away by the employer like a ball. He tasted the bitterness of life, the coldness of human relations and the hardship of the world. His heart was ashamed to the extreme. His circumstances made her feel more reclusive, and she tried to comfort him: "Don't deny your wisdom because of poverty, don't let down because of being temporarily unappreciated, don't be sad because your destiny is unfair to you, don't be because of low status. Give up efforts. From ancient times to the present, whoever has achieved success, who has not experienced poverty, frustration and suffering? God always gives noble souls to poor and ambitious people! There is no time to look back, do n��t look through the red dust heart is dead, as long as you Face life, work hard, there will be bright sunshine in life. "Her words illuminated his heart like a flexible light. The family learned to make dumplings. She smiled and asked, "Why?" He looked at her softly: "In order to help you with housework in the future."u Li fell in love with him. Their love is unique. They have no romance in the eyes of the mundane people, no dancing and dancing, no coffee and roses, no beautiful clothes and noble jewelry, all they have is a stroll in the moonlight, the plain language in the study, and the flowing words. , As well as mutual comfort and outlook on life. Two years later, they set foot on the red carpet of marriagr up like help, white hair like new, and live with each other. Together they encourage: endless learning and endless karma. They are willing to look at each other like lotus flowers, such as Haiyan to try to fly higher. They make every day a happy and innovative, they make every step leave a unique footprint, they keep love away from the quantification of money and the decoration of flowers. They got rid of material restraint and got spiritual grazing. Despite the star shift and years of erosion, now they are almost unconvinced: they love each other when they are successful: support each other in adversity; support each other when they are proud; encourage each other when they are frustrated; take care of each other when they are sick; When they return home, they are waiting for each other ... They firmly believe that behind the time when Bai Ku passed the gap, who can moisturize their eyes will always be the love and support of the wind and rain on the road of life. Who says that without the decoration of flowers, love is not sincere? Hot? Not long enough?
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