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In the morning, the sun smiled and dispersed the mist. Walking by the stream, the tree shadow was sulking, wet with rain, the breeze stroking my hair, and listening to the birds whispering, a tranquil and quiet fascination. Picking a bunch of wild flowers, sniffing its Fang Fei, strolling around, the sheep not far away grazing leisurely. Looking at the drifting clouds in the distance, your thoughts lingered in the wilderness, and you, Tingting, flashed like dreams. Still so elegant and moving, the flowers and green grass in the mountains surround you. Good years, is the happy boat carrying you on schedule? Want to have a home, so that the wandering heart is not alone. If you want someone who loves yourself [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url], you can take it all the time. Who is holding up a red umbrella by the begonia tree in full bloom? The mottled tree shadow disturbs your heart. The stubborn eyes are ignorant love? The restless notes invade your nerves, and the higher the mountains, the farther you go. Revisited? If Ruo passed away, after many years, want to relive the old dream, it is a matter of right and wrong. In the past, the story of the small city is beautiful and precious because of hope. The city is still the same, and the streets in my hometown are a little lonely because of your absence. Now Gufanyuanying, where is the strong arm that can be relied on? What is the only love left in the world, and you are always happy. Trek the mountains and rivers, the cheerful stream, singing into an intoxicating love song. Voice of nature? The atrium is too small to bear. The light rain on the sky, the makeup still wanders alone, and after the wine is dusk, why did the shining star pass by so suddenly? When everything has become a sorrow, without the hope of you, step by step away from the hustle and bustle, the decisive you, the more your back More and more blurred. Where to find the future, go around, unexpectedly, it is best not to see. I don't know if you know it in your heart. Still [url=]Marlboro Gold[/url], Butterfly loves flowers, never knows how tired, and strives hard. Flowers swayed in the wind, quietly looking at the mountains and rivers. A straight avenue diffused into the sky, and there was silence. The broken thoughts drift away with the wind, stubbornly stubbornly breaking off your only illusion, and letting your world sink into the dark abyss. Finally, on a quiet night, the wind and rain never came. However, where do I look for your figure? I can't turn the title page and let the pain rest in each other's heart. It's still the familiar river, and the bench by the river knows your heart best. I will accompany you to see the clouds and the past, and the stream of people. Without a ripple, the sentiment that goes with the wind sends a kind, eager love and be loved heart; erratic dreams always haunt the mind. Finally tired, returning to the eternal world of love by the grass is too big [url=]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url], and fate is all destined; longing for love, right or wrong is not so important! Work hard to love, even if you are bruised all over, you will never regret it.

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