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My father, an ordinary Antworten

My father, an ordinary "old man" who can no longer be ordinary. He is by far the most important man in my life. He gave me more than the most selfless fatherly love, which also included his long-dried tears and endless sweat. The eighth grade students are facing a hurdle and a history exam in the ninth grade. Everyone has entered a tense review stage, and I am even more exceptional. I lived and grew up in a rural family, and my family's situation was decent. I was close to my 50-year-old father who worked hard under the scorching sun under the wind and rain. Only relying on the salary of several thousand dollars to feed our mother. At home, I had to pay for my sister to go to college, and now my whole family placed the second hope on me. I felt very stressed and depressed. The only person in the family who can get angry is my old father. Every time I get angry with my mother, I yell at my father. It's ridiculous that every time he scolded him, he still maintained a smile that made him angry. I remember it was a winter in elementary school. The cold wind was biting outside. Almost everyone was lying in the warm blanket at home, but my stupid father was sweeping the street outside to sweep out a passage for pedestrians. It ��s strange. It is this way that leads directly to my house and there is no passage elsewhere. I didn't take it seriously, but I didn't know the deeper meaning of this layer until I recalled it later. Gorky said: "Father's love is like an umbrella, shielding you from the wind and rain; Father's love is like rain, washing your soul; Father's love is like a road, and walks you through your life. When you are afraid, father's love is a stepping stone When it is dark, fatherly love is an illuminated lamp; when it is dry, fatherly love is a water of life; when it is hard, fatherly love is the spiritual pillar; when it is successful, fatherly love is also an encouragement and alarm bell. Fatherly love, such as The sea is deep and wide. Father ��s love is silent. If you feel it, it ��s not father ��s love! Father ��s love is because it ��s silent, so it ��s eye-catching. Father ��s love is because it is selfless. People admire; father love is the greatest because it is fully paid. If mother love is reproached, then father love is silent care. Father love is as selfless as mother love, and he does not ask for return; father love It is a kind of obscurity, an intangible feeling, which can only be felt by people who are attentive. When everyone is singing maternal love, the fatherly love is not facing the lonely winter, but another spring. The elderly father also After giving, I also started to give birth to my father Another world of forging a key to love ... Thanksgiving Father's Day composition 800 words 2_Father, thank you father, thank you, thank you for letting me choose to be myself when others hope for success. ��The inscriptions all say that my daughter is the lover of my father ��s previous life. When I heard this sentence, I could n��t help laughing. If my father and I were really the lovers of my previous life, it was also very harmonious. Then I walked onto the Neihe Bridge without any care. In this life, I became your daughter, and you are my most beloved father. Young me, naughty and stubborn, when the neighbor's female of the same age stood on tiptoe and danced Or when I sing my head, I like to take off my shoes and walk barefoot on the path. I like this kind of down-to-earth feeling, but my mother is very disappointed with me, because this kind of action is really a little for a little girl. " I do n��t understand the rules. ��Thank you, father, thank you for telling your mother not to be disappointed at this time, and then hugged me to the top of my head and proudly said to me:�� Girl, they are not happy, only you are the happiest in my eyes. "When I was in elementary school, when my classmates were scrambling for campaign cadres or signing up for a competition, I like to sit quietly in the corner and let my thoughts soar freely with the text in the book []Cheap Cigarettes[/url], although this is too much for a pupil Lonely. When the children of the neighbor's family passed the door holding the award of the competition or the title of excellent class cadre, the mother and father could not help but scold me, father, thank you, thank you for being here When I stopped my mother, I said to me: "Girl, those fame and fortune are too heavy, we don't want it []Marlboro Lights[/url], in my heart you will always be the champion. "I heard that when I was in junior high school, the life of junior high school was depressed and tense. The pressure of the middle school entrance exam was everywhere. Because of the busy schoolwork, I must give up many unnecessary interest classes. My mother felt the same way. She helped me cancel many things I like Like painting and piano, I made concessions for my junior high school studies. I was very unhappy and discussed with my mother, but my mother was very persistent. I knew my mother was disappointed because I had n��t brought her much glory since I was a child. There will be such an idea, just when I am going to obey my mother's words to be a good student who learns well, thank you, father, thank you for giving me the support arm again at this time, persuading my mother, let me choose again My own preferences, thank you, father! Father, thank you again, let me have a free and happy childhood, enjoy a quiet teenager. The daughter also believes in herself and can write her own life chapter. Thank you, I have chosen to do it all the way back Own! Father, I take you in my heart, please forgive me and your mother for inadvertently stomping on my wayward, and trampled your concern If you were reincarnated love, if I may, let me be your mother, okay? I swear to God []Cigarettes Online[/url], we will let you make your own choice, give you free life! This life. Thank you! Father.
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