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Is there a silver lining for this team after Jimmy Garoppolo’s Antworten

torn ACL? It was Black Monday in September for 49ers fans as news broke earlier this morning that Jimmy Garoppolo did [url=]San Francisco 49ers T-Shirt[/url] , in fact, tear his ACL in Sunday’s contest against the Kansas City Chiefs. The 2018 offseason was long and arduous for those who were impatiently waiting to see the franchise quarterback show off what strides he’s made as he continued to get more acclimated with head coach Kyle Shanahan’s offensive playbook. Pundits were picking the Niners as a darkhorse playoff candidate before the regular season began. All that is moot now, though, because the hearts of those within and outside of the organization were collectively ripped out the moment Garoppolo fell to the ground. What’s left is a team still going through a rebuild having to play the final 13 games of the year with a backup quarterback who had his fair share of struggles during the preseason. The only other quarterback in the organization is Nick Mullens, who is more-than-likely to be added to the 53 man roster (along with a veteran, early reports suggest). While this season is essentially a wash, there are a few things to consider before you effectively tune-out every Sunday until next September. I'm taking it upon myself to talk those of you who are reading this off the proverbial ledge that you currently find yourselves looking over.This is still very much a rebuild in progress - the addition of Jimmy Garoppolo initially seemed like it had sped of the process but, at least during these first handful of games, it’s obvious that there are still holes to fill and development needed up and down the roster: the team still lacks a consistent rush on the edges, there are some issues at the guard position on the offensive line, and the offense lacks a true bonafide number-one receiver. If there is any “silver lining” to this horrible situation it’s based, in large part, on the idea that there is some draft capital to look forward to come the 2019 NFL Draft; the upcoming draft class is setting itself up to be fairly deep on the defensive line and the 49ers’ biggest need is, arguably, on the edges of the defensive line. A safe bet for a win total heading into this season was 7-8 wins (in the minds of most people, at least) - with Garoppolo out for the rest of 2018 you could figure to knock off 3-4 wins from that projection which, in turn, improves the draft position of San Francisco. So, hey, that’s cool right?The injury to Garoppolo also hurts when knowing that he could have absolutely benefited from taking as many reps as possible under center while he continues to learn Kyle Shanahan’s offense. This is why you invest in a solid backup quarterback, though, and it is widely known that CJ Beathard has earned the trust and respect of those within the 49ers organization. If anything this provides Beathard with the opportunity to continue to develop as a passer, something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Teams are as desperate as ever for quality quarterback play and [url=]San Francisco 49ers Hats[/url] , if CJ Beathard is productive enough, there could be a team who ends up wanting to give up a draft pick or two for his services. Overall, it’ll still be very interesting to see how the team continues to develop as Kyle Shanahan continues to implement his offense. The defense has shown flashes of greatness - most notably from DeForest Buckner, who is just beginning his campaign for Defensive Player of the Year. We’re all in this together, 49er Faithful. Stay strong. The Kansas City Chiefs break huddle and line up in a traditional formation: Patrick Mahomes settles under center, Kareem Hunt is in the backfield, tight end Travis Kelce joins wide receiver Sammy Watkins on the right side, and Tyreek Hill and Demarcus Robinson head to the left.Then, from a defensive perspective, all hell breaks loose.Mahomes is suddenly dropping into the shotgun, careful he doesn't run into Hunt, who has moved from the left side to the right. Hill has run all the way across the field and lined up on the right, just as Kelce has raced in the other direction to line up on the left.The defense thought it had everyone covered. Now, mismatches abound as linebackers try to cover Kelce and safeties are forced to match up with the Chiefs' speedy wide receivers.That play against Pittsburgh a couple weeks ago wasn't just a gimmick. That's standard stuff in the Chiefs' basic offense, a seemingly seamless melding of Andy Reid's old-school West Coast system and the new-school spread offenses that have changed the college game."That play calling was something I've never seen before," said Jacksonville safety Tashaun Gipson, whose top-ranked defense was torched in a 30-14 loss at Arrowhead Stadium last Sunday."I've played Andy Reid, and maybe it was the Browns or it was Jacksonville 2016, and he didn't pull out all the stops," Gipson said. "But this game plan, man, and I can't say it enough — and again, I'm not trying to discredit any guys over there — but I've never seen a team do that to us consistently."In fact [url=]San Francisco 49ers Hoodie[/url] , Gipson said, "they had their way with us all game."They've had their way with just about everybody the first five weeks, piling up a franchise-record 175 points. Mahomes has already thrown for 1,513 yards, shattering the Chiefs mark for five games, and a 300-yard passing game at New England on Sunday would give him a team-record five straight.Kansas City (5-0) has scored at least 30 points in each of its games."If you try to play zone coverage against them, they've got the guys to beat zone. They have the guys to beat man. So you have to pick your poison," Gipson said. "We came here with all this hype, talking about how good we are as a defense, myself included, and we got drug out there. Straight drug."What the Chiefs are doing this season is hardly a flash-in-the-pan attack, though. It's the culmination of years of tinkering, beginning with Brad Childress' work as "spread game analyst" and incorporating bits of the college-style spread attack to what the Chiefs were doing last season.But while Alex Smith could pull off run-pass options, or do things in the quarterback-run game, it wasn't a perfect fit. That came when Mahomes took over as the starter this season.Mahomes is a product of the Air Raid system, basically a spread offense on steroids. He is accustomed to a flood of targets all over the field, quickly identifying where the matchup problems give the offense an advantage, and delivering the ball so that his playmakers can make things happen.Plus, Mahomes has the arm strength to make any throw on the field."He's not afraid to let it loose," Broncos offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave said. "When you have the arm strength that he has, he can fit the ball into those small windows."Most of the time, though, the Chiefs are able to give him garage doors.That's because they have the personnel to make all those creative formations work. Kelce is athletic enough to line up anywhere on the field [url=]Youth Customized San Francisco 49ers Jerseys[/url] , Hunt has excellent hands for a running back, and Hill and Watkins have the speed to beat anyone in a one-on-one matchup.So, for example, the Chiefs can line up without anyone in the backfield, forcing defenses to change their personnel and alignment. Then the motion games begin, and Kelce or Hill or someone else could end up in the backfield, creating confusion and mismatches."There's not much we can do once we make our call and (Mahomes) comes out in his formation," Broncos coach Vance Joseph said. "Once he goes empty, he knows what he's got. That makes it tough."Or downright impossible, it sometimes seems."Watching Andy for a long time, he always has some neat, cool things," 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said. "I don't know where they come from. He's in there looking up a lot of stuff because they do some unusual things. Sometimes I'm predicting it came from a high school team, maybe a college team. They know how to spread the field. They know how to run all those jet sweeps and do all the RPOs."Shanahan said the foundation remains the West Coast offense, and the Chiefs are still capable of beating teams with basic stuff. Just look at how they've put away games late in the fourth quarter, when they've leaned on Hunt and some old-fashioned, smash-mouth football.But none of that catches people's attention like the flashy stuff."Over these last four years or so, they've really added an element of the misdirection and stuff. It's been an issue, not just because of the plays, but the people with the plays," Shanahan said. "They have the speed at every angle to run those things and really put defenses in a bind."NOTES: SS Eric Berry (heel), FS Eric Murray (ankle) and OLBs Justin Houston (hamstring) and Tanoh Kpassagnon (ankle) remained out of practice Thursday. RB Spencer Ware was out for a personal matter.

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