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Jets-Lions: 5 Questions with Pride of Detroit With the Jets set to take on the Lions tonight [url=]Cheap Neal Sterling Jersey[/url] , I got the chance to ask Chris Perfett of Pride of Detroit a few questions on the team.1. The Lions have entered a period of mediocrity. They own a nearly even 57-55 record over the past 7 seasons, with 3 playoff appearances but no playoff wins. How have the Lions attempted to take that next step from a Wild Card team to a Super Bowl contender?2. Matt Stafford’s career progression has been very interesting to watch. Once a high-risk gunslinger who was throwing 15+ interceptions a season, Stafford has gradually lowered his interception totals while maintaining his explosiveness and also increasing his completion percentage. He is now a consistent top-ten quarterback statistically.How has Stafford progressed into the quarterback he is today - and how do Lions fans think he ranks among the top quarterbacks in the league?3. The Lions struggled in most areas defensively last season, but did make up for it one very important area - takeaways [url=]Cheap Doug Middleton Jersey[/url] , with their total of 32 ranking 3rd in the league. Can the Lions maintain that level of defensive playmaking, and how have they worked to address other areas of their defense?4. The run game has long been an issue for the Lions. They placed last in total rushing last season and 2 of the last 3 - and haven’t ranked in the top half of the league in total rush yards. Has the issue been running back talent, offensive line play, or both? How has the team worked to improve this phase of the offense?5. Where do the Lions stack up in this monstrous NFC? With a myriad of title contenders at the top of the conference [url=][/url] , can the Lions sneak into a Wild Card spot like they have in recent seasons? Could they potentially provide a shock and compete for the NFC North title? In a chilly MetLife Stadium the New York Jets lost their fourth straight and their seventh game of the 2018 NFL season with an ugly 41 - 10 loss at home against the division rival Buffalo Bills.Give the Bills credit, they played well. The Jets, on the other hand, were dominated in every phase of the game. The offensive line couldn’t block. Josh McCown was atrocious [url=]Cheap Jason Myers Jersey[/url] , making bad throws and bad decisions. The run defense couldn’t tackle, the pass defense couldn’t cover, the pass rush rarely got pressure on Matt Barkley. The Buffalo Bills came to play, and the Jets looked like they mailed this one in.The Bills went two plays in less than a minute to score on the game’s first possession. It only went downhill from there. The Bills converted a fake punt on fourth down. They scored on a fumble. They scored on a pass to an eligible receiver offensive lineman. The Bills played loose and well in every aspect of the game. The Jets barely played at all.The Jets could stop neither the run nor the pass [url=]Brian Winters Jersey[/url] , nor could they pass the ball nor run the ball on offense. This was as embarrassing a display of football ineptitude as we’ve seen in some time. The score was 31-3 at the half, and the second half amounted to little more than extended garbage time.With the loss the Jets record falls to 3-7, as they head into the bye week before a week 12 clash against the New England Patriots.John will be around for a more in depth recap of today’s game a bit later this evening. In the meantime leave your comments on the game below.

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