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In a twinkling of an eye, it was the scene of December. I watched the goose down the window and sprinkled it on the ground to decorate the world with a white snow. My heart couldn't help but burst into a hustle and bustle: a small figure gradually enlarged from the white, and then I saw the smile: a sunny ~ stunned ~ I haven't seen it for a long time, I exclaimed excitedly! In response to the fascinating snowflake, Li Bai was a child of innocence. When I was, I was not interested in the class. I always loved in the classroom and lived in my own world. I always like to be low. The head reads the novel under the table. And he, always looking down at the poetry collection with his head down []Cheap Newport Cigarettes[/url], is really worthy of his name. The two of us are at the same table, so whenever I read a novel, I always like to share it with him, and he likes to show me the good poems I see. However, neither of us at the time did not like to buy the goodwill of the other party []Cheap Cigarettes Online Free Shipping[/url]. Every time he looks at my novel, he always whispers: "It's superficial!" And me? After reading the verse he showed me, he always has to say: "Install high!" So the quarrel is inevitable, even if It is superficial in the classroom, this is the Tang family three, the silkworm potato masterpiece, a few million words described, but comprehensive! Very high-profile, this is Qu Yuan, Li Bai famous article! Spread the ages of the ��! The eyes were all aimed at me. The classmates couldn��t help but laugh out loud. Both of us became the language in the class. I wrote articles and he wrote poems. With his verse, I can't help but vomit: "Rely, what the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the sea, have you seen it? See you have never seen it, and you have written it with your own eyes!" And he is not to be outdone Look at my article and counterattack: "You are a person who has never even talked about love, and is also very interested in writing romance! Hey! Have you ever been in love?" We all glared at each other, but did not quarrel again. At that time, we all understood that each other wrote their own illusions about life. Later, in the distant period, I put down a thick novel and replaced it with a masterpiece. He asked with amazement: "What happened to you? I am sick. Look at these boring things!" I firmly told him that I was going to be a writer! Then he bought a few more poems and said to me: "I am going to be a poet! I want to When Li Bai~" I slowly took my eyes off the perfect composition on the table and watched him sing: "If it can be heavy, my article becomes a mountain []Marlboro Light Cigarettes[/url], a water, a poem, a writing. Bored things, but his poems are romantic. He always holds my article and pinches his nose and says: Share Lu Xun, Ba Jin, Lao She, Zhu Ziqing, Han Shaogong's strange taste! What about your fantasy?" And me! It is his poem, counterattack; "One Qu Yuan, Li Bai []Cigarettes Wholesale[/url], Du Fu, Wang Wei sang together The taste! Your seriousness?" Then we took the other's work and froze. There was no point in the literati. One day, I finally found his change. I looked at his poems as usual. However, there is no intention to find a poem written on the leaves of the phoenix tree between the pages of the book []Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], and it is a modern poem of the vernacular! He does not often write modern poetry, the amount ah ~ he is in love! I did not expect that this poet likes it, After the class's study committee, a pretty girl, he often took me to the playground to go for a walk. When I met the study committee, I went up to talk and chat. I am! Follow the back and live like a 10,000-watt light bulb. It illuminates the whole world! It didn't take long for him to let me send him a love letter, although at the beginning, I was very reluctant. However, under his coercion, I still compromised. However, the school committee is really a school committee. Whenever he gets him The love letters all look like the ancient wells without waves! And her table is screaming and swearing: "Rely, I really regard myself as Li Bai, and even write love poems to hook me at the same table!" I listened at the side, only He smiled a little, trying not to let the other person think of me. "Han Shaogong felt that he was full of enthusiasm. After I helped him fight for three months, he decided to go into battle personally, and he took a love letter and went to the school committee, and I The 10,000-watt bulb always regains its freedom and can quietly shine in its place. Looking at his distant figure, I couldn't help but sigh: "The wind is bleak, the water is cold, the strong man is gone..." As a result, he really never returned. I didn��t see him again, and the school committee still sat quietly in the position, as if nothing had happened. I found him on the playground. He sat alone under the maple tree, it was autumn. The tree is covered with red leaves. He lives like a sad Keji, I want to laugh, but still can not laugh, can only sit feeling clever writing, I really do not know him that Li Bai drowned in reality it is not cruel, cold reality - huh?

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