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21.03.2019 04:15
At the beginning of May Antworten

At the beginning of May, Guangzhou has reached as high as 30 degrees. Walking on the road, looking at it, the colorful and elegant skirts, the most beautiful season is summer. I woke up in a faint nap, sweating all over my head, eyes stunned and looking at the air conditioner, running, but did not reach the temperature that made people sleep, I turned on the electric fan again. When you are hot, buy a watermelon, cut in half, dig with a spoon, watch TV or movie, watch while eating, or sigh, or shed tears, it feels really pleasant. Recently, Liu Ruoying��s "Late Us" was released. I didn't look at it while eating watermelon. After reading it, the heart is full of sighs. In fact, for the rest of our lives, we are looking for another companion, to be in harmony with each other, to support each other, and to warm each other. At that time, Liu Ruoying sang "Later" and sang and cried a lot of lovers. You are the person who is closest to me and has the longest feelings. I am trying to approach you, but I always love it. Today, the movie "Late Us" has resonated with more people: some people are destined to miss it. Even if you come back a hundred times, the result is the same. Perhaps this is the truest look of love. After watching the movie, friend A sent a feeling in the circle of friends: Later, there was no us, only you, my friend A��s predecessor, we all know, not so much the feeling of the circle of friends is just to confide in the heart []Order Newports Online[/url], but she prefers the predecessor to see To. When A met his predecessor, his predecessor was so poor. The former did not work, and the old friend was 18 years old []Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url]. When the friend introduced her predecessor to us []Cigarette Kinds[/url], he would kindly ask A: Is there a reliable person who has no job and no career? A vowed to say: As long as we are working together in Guangzhou, There is no bad life. In addition to normal work, A also used time to work part-time at night. During that time, A��s predecessor moved his attitude: he would stay for A and give A a happy life. However, half a year later, A��s predecessor left Guangzhou and was silent. After leaving A for a period of pain, he said: At that time, I shouldn��t believe that he would stay with friend A��s love []Marlboro Wholesale[/url]. Let me remember a sentence in the movie. Jing Boran said to Zhou Dongyu: He can take you for nine days, the next five. Looking back at the emotional movies of the past few years, it is no longer love, but lost love. Basically lost love is more or less related to urban life. From the initial broth noodles to the later high-end restaurants, every couple who worked hard in the city experienced a rigorous test of survival. When friend C and her boyfriend decided to stay together, there was only one bed and one stool at home. After a hard work, friend C made a department head from a small clerk, and the income began to rise. The family slowly added a lot of objects. From the beginning, two people shared an apple, and then two people went to leisure. It took only one and a half years for the upscale Western restaurant to eat Western food. During this period, C boyfriend is still an ordinary library. When C asked for money to buy a house []Cigarettes Newport[/url], the boyfriend suddenly jumped up: You said that I didn��t have much money to buy, can you afford to buy a house? You are abandoning me poorly, C and his boyfriend broke up. C said: When I was with him, I was still poorer than I am now. I really miss the way to eat an apple at that time. This is exactly the same as the hysteres of Zhou Dongyu in the movie: You feel that I can't do a lot of love. We spend the hardest days with the other, walk the hardest way, but never see change again. There are thousands of kinds of gestures of love that are better. The rich and the poor are the ones that verify too many people. Some people, no matter how rich or poor, do not change their minds and go on with you to go to the old, some people are here to leave, never look back. This may be destined. The cruelty of the reality tears the love, letting the miss appear natural. Our love is defeated by the cruel shadow of the real life, the last egg, the slogans holding the sign, let me burst into tears. No matter how long you have missed, whether you have moved forward or are waiting, a deep feeling is extremely lucky in your life. In love, I can't guarantee that I will only love you in my life, but when we are still in love, we will love you more. In love, if we miss each other in this life, thank you for the good times together, you gave me a different life, let me see a different landscape, experience the different flavors of life, let me grow up to be worthy of love Later, when you are loved, if you and I meet, it will be their own happiness.

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