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21.03.2019 04:15
Father's love is Antworten

Father's love is the death of Water Gorky's father for ten years. I have been suffering this decade. In the middle of the night, I dreamed that my father always woke up. My father came into my mind and occupied my thoughts. I wanted to write something about my father to express my nostalgia, but always reminded me []Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes[/url]. On the tenth anniversary of my father's death, I really couldn't resist the thoughts of him. I slowly recollected the past, and found that my father gave me too much when he was alive []Newport Short[/url], and I gave him too little and too little. . Anyway, I want to write something to commemorate him, an ordinary person, a great father. I did not seriously consider that my father has multiple in his heart, but just feel that his father's life is very common. But when that terrible day came, I felt a little bit of a fall. My father died, and I will no longer be able to talk face to face with my father. I can no longer hear my father talking about the difficulties he has experienced, and he will never hear him ask me questions. I can't see his warm smile again. God! My father is gone. That day, tears were flooding in my eyes, and I couldn��t suppress the pain in my heart. My father��s love, like a little rain, nourishes me. Even though I was almost forty years old, I still still call my father ��Dad��. This kind of superficial voice, I guess it will make people who know me first look at it. This is My father��s favor for her daughter is her daughter��s dependence on her father. Now, the mood of shouting ��Dad�� makes me full of tears and heartache. I can't be so happy to call "Dad" loudly. I can��t see the father��s answer, the one who took a little long sound and then leaned back. ��Hey~�� Father is a complete pet to me. I grew up in my father��s heart and I have never been The father said aloud, in my father's heart and eyes, I am his eternal pride, forever right, forever beautiful. His comrades-in-arms and colleagues said that every time they mentioned it, 'his girl is his baby, let's go out together, only his baby is on his neck!' Hearing this, Dad put his hand on my head, ��Looking at me with a smile, my eyes are full of love. My father has many comrades-in-arms and many friends []Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online[/url]. When I was young, I often had a lot of guests at home, and I always chat and drink tea late, and I will always be tired of my father, sitting in his arms, or sitting on his feet. Listen to them telling stories, never fell asleep at first, and was dubbed "night pearl." When I arrived at the writing, every thought on paper made the teacher sigh. My father therefore loves me more to participate in their chats. I want my father to be at home, I am his little tail. What do I do when my father does something, my father gets the herbs, I take his Chinese medicine book, and look at the herbs and medicines one by one. I have to ask some people to laugh. The problem, for example. Why is it so hard for Ganoderma lucidum? Can you brush it for the eucalyptus? The father will answer me carefully. My father is doing wood work, I am next to the shavings, using my father's glue to stick a piece of paper []Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url], I also like to take his tools, small planers, fretsaw, double clip planer..., push, pull, saw on one side It��s so lively! Sometimes you have to help, such as when the father pushes the plane to help the wood []Cigarette Tobacco For Sale Online[/url]. There is a small scar on the ring finger of my right hand, which is the loss of playing tools at that time. When my father is idle, he will sit on his own sofa, and my seat is his feet. I am on my father��s feet, listening to the story my father told me, "Journey to the West", "Three Heroes" "Yi" and "Dou Yu" are a personal thing in my little mind. My father told me the story in his army. His father is a northerner. His troops have been stationed in Wuhu, Anhui for three years. He is right. The mountains there are inexplicably liked. I gradually liked the unnamed mountain of Wuhu, Anhui, which I had never been to.... As my father told me, I ran to the mountain and picked the kiwifruit growing above the vines in the snow. Capture the fool snow chicken that was stunned and buried in the snow. The scorpion sang a small tune in the mountain forest, lying under the tree and smashing the fruit with a stone, only licking the red mouth that passed through... In such a difficult time, I only heard joy from my father��s story, heard satisfaction, and heard the colorful life! My father also talked about hardships. When the troops were working in Qinghai, the father smiled and said, Time is bitter, but we are all young and okay!" The one that passed the worth of hardships. Speaking of fortifications, what I said is how to insist on reworking a company, how to use salt water to

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