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Qlara Skin Cream Twice a week it is recommended to make masks that nourish, saturate with oxygen, moisturize and increase skin elasticity. There are many factors that adversely affect the condition of the skin, and, unfortunately, the harmful effects cannot be avoided. But if you take time every day to take care of your skin, it will look healthy, velvety and radiant for a long time. Basic principles of proper care to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin, three cosmetic procedures should be performed daily 1. Cleansing. This stage is very important, since dead cells are peeled off during the treatment of the skin surface. For each skin type, it is necessary to choose a tool that will take care of it as properly as possible. For example, you can use a universal scrub gel for daily washing. You can also use gels and foams for washing. It is important that they fit your skin type. To cleanse oily skin, various mousses and foams are suitable. Dry skin needs moisturizing cream or milk to remove makeup will help to cope with this task. 2. The next stage is the use of tonic. You cannot skip this step, because it helps to maintain optimal pH balance of the skin. Tonic should be selected based on the type of skin. Oily skin is best treated with a composition with a matting effect. For sensitive skin, a cosmetic product with a soothing effect is suitable. Combined skin is well moisturized with a balanced care product. Dry skin is better to wipe with a moisturizing tonic, but not alcohol. 3. The last stage of daily care - applying cream. Movement should be light, slightly massaging. This approach will allow the tool to be absorbed better. Due to the light massage, blood circulation is improved; the skin becomes healthy and radiant. In addition, it is very important to use a cream or gel around the eyes, because the skin in this area is very delicate and thin, and therefore needs special care.

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