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30.04.2019 03:38
ometimes the night is Antworten

ometimes the night is a devil that swallows you bit by bit. Sometimes it is your only backer. Silently it calms your heart, but it also brings you fear. Whenever the night is silent, I don��t dare to walk alone because I am afraid. The light of the fireflies lit up slightly, and he waved his wings slowly in the air. But the strange psychological effect will remind me of the ghost story I have seen. The scene is realistically presented in front of my eyes. No one will not be afraid, but I am not sure, after all, there are people in the world who are more terrible than ghosts! I dare not say everyone but most of them will []Marlboro Gold Without Duty Stamp[/url]. Sometimes the night is quiet and beautiful. Sometimes it is lonely and horrible. When you are drifting away, what do you want most, what will it be? There must be many different answers. However, more luxury is not as good as a bed that can comfort all the tired, calm and sleepy sleep. Yes, at least for me, I wish so. However, you really don't know how long it is left in this period of vain, so it is best to take a good rest, recharge your batteries and cope with the rest of the storm. Landing in this world, even if it is unconscious and without consent, but when it comes, you have to take it seriously. It seems that it is an inevitable trend to survive from birth. Hypothetically, I believe that some people are still reluctant to come to this world if they can choose it themselves. Because there are always people who think that life is just a word of "bitterness." Just because of the bitterness in their lives, they are more than sweet. As if from the beginning their souls and flesh, they were deeply manipulated by the suffering gods. On the other hand, some people think that life is fun and fun, it must be those who know how to be happy and relatively lucky []Cheap Marlboro 100'S[/url]. The size of life is just as good as their understanding of their lives. Well, everyone is not easy, everyone knows, who will say this. But if you are asked how to understand and accept this "not easy", do you have such a temporary confusion? I think one of the most understandable people is nothing more than those who have weathered the weather and have three meals without sleeping on the street. . The hardships and hardships they encounter, the sadness and hardship behind them, are far higher than those who are not easy to encounter in life. You can't imagine how the fate of a fate is cruel to a person, so that his life path is so full of bitterness. When you stop to look at the eyes that are full of disappointment but still with hope in everyone's eyes []Buy Cigaretes Marlboro[/url], are you thankful for your current living environment? There is also a kind of person who enjoys life and enjoys food and safety []Cheapest Marlboro 100 Cigarettes[/url]. At the time, he was experiencing life and death, natural disasters and man-made disasters. The hearers are embarrassed and express sympathy []Wholesale Cigarettes For Sale[/url]. And how many people will be deeply grateful at the same time that they are now healthy or alive? God never specifically cares who, and what one is destined to suffer is still to bear. Therefore, each person's life and behavior are very different, and there is a gap between faith and perception. "This sentence really conforms to a person's objective view of certain aspects of the outside world. It is pushed to the people of the last generation, from the Republic of China, after the founding of the country, the coming of the Cultural Revolution, abound. Maybe What kind of time view do you have in what kind of era? I have always appreciated Mr. Yang Lan��s tearful period during the Cultural Revolution, and he can not do it to express sadness, not deliberately criticize the times, but always keep A wise man's mentality, look down on everything. Day after day, year after year, the times are unpredictable, a contented person should know that he must be vigilant and grateful to the times, still optimistic and hard on life. Excessive complaints and sighs, preferring to hide in a smile, not forgetting to take courage in every city and stranger, always bring your dreams and beliefs. This is the best state. Learn to understand, know how to accept, in simple terms, life is already step by step away from the blank and meaningless. I believe this is what most people can do. I have seen Yan Juan in Danny Hagrid. Passage:? "What is a person living in this world to do is to experience and enjoy. Things that have not been done have to be done. No, try to pursue, if you have, then enjoy yourself. It is simple but correct. "So you can come to this world as a trip. Take it all, accept everything and include the heart that may be hurt, go to the end. May you settle and be beautiful.

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