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Lange treats me like a Antworten

Lange treats me like a brother. With Lange, our family will get better and better. "Zhang Xinyou often said to people. Zhang Xinyou's Lange is a member of the Hui team member Lan Hui. The 51-year-old Lan Hui has contracted 200 acres of land in the company and also operates locomotives, which belong to the management and good management. Relying on science and technology to get rich, he is praised not only for "making money," but also for helping others and respecting the elderly. The children are going to start a new company. The children are going to start school. Holding", looking at the money that Lan Hui handed over, Zhang Xinyou, who is worrying about the children��s school fees, does not know what to say. He knew that he had paid 10,000 yuan to himself before buying a house. He was embarrassed to open his mouth again. I didn't expect Lan Hui to think for himself. "Thank you, Lange," Zhang Xinyou said gratefully. It is said that Zhang Xinyou and Lange have been in friendship for nearly 20 years. In September 1998, Zhang Xinyou and his wife came to the 15th and went to the relatives. When they got off to the 15th, they encountered Lanhui passing by and saw them carrying big bags. When they were in the small package, they fell on them. When asked about the situation, Lan Hui told them that their relatives had already moved to the regiment. They also stayed at the Lanhui home to pick up the cotton. He was so amiable that he heard others say Xinjiang. People are not irritated, do not pay for work, talk and do things, so the two mouths are very cautious, after the hot noodles, clean beds, warm boss, let him relax a lot []Newport 100S Carton Cheap And Free Shipping[/url], and then be honest Zhang Xinyou also won the favor of Lan Hui, and the autumn harvest ended, and the two also gained friendship. After going back, I felt that Xinjiang people are good and can make money. When the two men decided to go to Xinjiang to develop, they went to Lange. Since then, they have settled with Lan Hui and they have bought a house. Many of the daily necessities were funded by him. When they were working as a long-term worker in Lanhui, there was no work in the field, so they were allowed to work outside to earn money. Later []Buy Newport 100'S Cigarettes Online[/url], Lan Hui began to pay his driving skills, let him learn a skill, work on his own locomotive, which makes Zhang Xinyou not a small profit, the two are very grateful, he will be more practical. In 2004, Lan Hui declared his staff and became an employee of the Corps. In 2006, with the help of Lan Hui, he contracted 40 mu of land, both of which planted land, locomotives, and working outside the home. A lot, but because of raising four children and supporting the elderly, the days have been stretched. In 2008, due to various reasons for planting cotton losses, he did not want to plant land again, and only depended on working for a living. In 2010, Lan Hui mobilized him to continue to contract the land. All the funds were paid by Lan Hui, helped him to loan, signed a contract to contract 100 mu of land, and then the company��s public housing price was 16,000 yuan, and Lan Hui paid for him. 10,000 yuan helped him buy a house. But who wants an accident, he drove his own four-year-old son's leg to break, Lan Hui spent more than 2,000 yuan before running to help, thought of borrowing so much money, could not stand his wife complaining, hey, Zhang Xinyou I gave up the land and sold the house. The family returned to Henan��s hometown, but his employee status was not lost under Lan Hui��s insistence. The annual pension was paid by Lan Hui for him. He had money at the end of the year. Again. In 2016, the children gradually grew up, and Zhang Xinyou, who was still busy, returned to Xinjiang. Because the company had no housing, Lan Hui thought that he bought a house for him in 2, his wife worked, and Zhang Xinyou worked on his own locomotive. And settled them down. Today, the two daughters have already worked, and two of them have gone to school. They received 5,000 yuan. He is grateful to say that ��thanks to Lange, our family has gotten today��, and Lan Hui��s help is also Gan Jian��s employee Zhang Jianmin. Zhang Jianmin was a flower picker who came to his home in 1998. With the encouragement and help of Lan Hui, his family moved to Xinjiang. After arriving in Xinjiang, Lan Hui helped to buy a house, settle down, and declare a worker. After working for a few years, he worked for a part of the money. With the addition of Lan Hui []Wholesale Newport[/url], we began to develop land. Today, Zhang Jianmin purchased a three-bedroom, one-bedroom building in Kuitun in 2013. He bought a private car in 2012. His son went to school in Xinjiang University. His daughter planted 100 mu of land in Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics, and he earned a lot of money every year. In the past 10 years, Zhang Jianmin has been planted on Lanhui's locomotive every spring. Only spring broadcasts have been made. Zhang Jianmin has nearly 10 []Wholesale Cigarettes For Sale[/url],000 yuan in income. Zhang Jianmin's wife said: My family's good day today, thanks to Lan Ge's help to the employee Hu Ping's wife died early, he is both a beggar and a mother, with two sons, the days have been very tight. In 2008, due to the high cost of land and market factors, his contracted cotton lost nearly 80,000 yuan. He went out to work with his 12-year-old son. In 2009, he contracted with other people with the help of the branch and contracted cotton. Due to poor management, the annual income is not high. Lan Hui knew that Hu Ping would drive, and when he saw that he was practical and capable, he invited him to work on his own locomotive to increase his income. In the spring, the land was smashed, the field tube was used for medicine, and the autumn was plowed. In the past 8 years, only one locomotive was used each year. He had a income of more than 20,000 yuan, and Lan Hui gave his locomotives a higher commission than the average hired workers. Usually, Hu Ping has difficulties. Lan Hui will help in time. In 2010, he bought a house []Carton Of Newport Price[/url]. He loaned him 15,000 yuan. Hu Ping��s mother was hospitalized in his hometown. He wanted to send money and was nervous at hand. Lan Hui loaned him 3,000 yuan. This summer, Hu Ping was hospitalized in the Corps Hospital. Lan Hui was also accompanied by him. They had already formed a deep brotherly relationship, Lan Hui was still a dutiful son. He knew that filial piety is not only the support of his children to his parents, but actually pays more attention to it. It is a love for parents. This year, the 87-year-old mother has been following him. His wife, Hu Minghua, is a Han nationality. Both of them honour the elderly and treat the elderly with care. The farm work in the land is busy again. They never neglect the old people. The old people like to drink tea. They prepare tea for the elderly. Every time they make a pot of concentrated tea for the elderly. Regardless of winter and summer, Hu Minghua cleaned up the old man, never let the old man have a smell, often cut the fingernails and toenails for the elderly, the old man is a Hui nationality, his family has never broken the beef and mutton, pork noodles, noodle soup At least one meal a day, what the elderly eat delicious, what they do. When they are busy, they are hired on the locomotive. There are sons and sons in the field. Lan Hui��s mouth is completely logistical. Lan Hui buys materials, sends oil, and delivers food. Hu Chaozhen��s meals for many people are all for the elderly. Make a bowl of rice. In the winter of 2015, they returned to Kuitun to live. The elderly were uncomfortable. Considering the age, they were hospitalized for a full-body examination. During this period, they both took care of the elderly during the day and night, and Hu Chaozhen, who suffered from severe knee disease, insisted on taking care of the hospital during the day. The old man, helping the old man to dress, wash, and return the tea, pour the urine, take good care of the elderly, and the people in the same ward praise the old man, "the wife is more than the daughter," the old man said happily, "The wife is mine." Under the leadership of their relatives, the two daughters and sons who have already become family members are very respectful to the elderly. The two son-in-laws come back on holidays and don��t forget to buy supplements for their grandmothers. They are delicious, and their daughter-in-law lives with them. For grandma, they are very respectful to them, go home to help their mothers cook, eat the ancestors to grandma, they use their words and deeds to teach the juniors to set an example.

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