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03.06.2019 03:28
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We will welcome our midterm exam tomorrow. With a restless mood, I was thinking in bed. The school is still solid, and today I used the time to finish my homework to review the book. Although it will be a little bit different, I still read it. I hope that the exam will be simpler tomorrow, and I will take a good score! I just fell asleep in this mood, distributed the papers, and distributed the papers..." The voice of the study came, and the Chinese papers were about to pass. Next, I suddenly have some uneasiness: Will it be too difficult? If you regress, you may be severely punished. If you forget, the test paper has been sent down, and the dead horse is a live horse doctor! I took the test paper and scanned it first. I can't help but feel nervous. It is a little difficult to read the extracurricular reading questions in the short essay. When I first looked at it, I couldn't help but smash it [url=]Marlboro Lights[/url]. The essay is also a topic we have never written. I at the basics of pinyin to write words, group words... This does not prevent me from moving forward. These questions are with strong confidence: after all, these questions have been done thousands of times tens of thousands of times, of course I am sure. When I did the extracurricular reading, I paused for a while and looked at it several times. I finally realized it and understood the meaning. The next question became a piece of cake, leaving only the "composition". Composition, it may be our life-saving straw, it may also make us lower the score, and I can't despise it. After reading the request several times, I opened the door and thought about it. I quickly finished it. After finishing the volume [url=]Online Cigarettes[/url], I carefully checked it several times until the exam was over. It��s really ��opening the door��! The success of the language has given me full confidence. Mathematics has always been my strength, and I can��t help but much easier. I simply read the questions and they are all familiar ones. I just finished writing them with little effort. Just when I wanted to relax, my mind suddenly remembered a sentence that I said to me before the exam: "It is the easiest thing to take mathematics, but those careless problems are very easy for us to take a test. So, after the exam Try, we have to check it carefully!" I almost made a mistake [url=]Parliament Cigarettes[/url], I quickly checked it out. Don't check, don't know, a check is scared! I really have a problem because I didn't pay attention to the name of the unit and I made a mistake! I quickly took a closer look at the topic and wrote the correct answer. Calling, the score is almost slipped away! The math exam is over soon and English is starting again. I finally started to be nervous and worried: I thought that the fifth module of this semester didn't learn so well, I hope I don't want it! After receiving the paper, my heart is half cold, and sure enough, there are half of the questions about the fifth unit! The questions are rarely very simple [url=]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url], but the fifth unit is still a waste of my work. It took a lot of time, I finally finished it, and it feels good. But I just rushed to check it again, and then let the papers go... In short, my state is to cry and tears. I suddenly woke up again, but fortunately, just a dream, there are ways to make up. Looking at the watch, it was not too late. I immediately picked up the English book and worked hard to pick up the unfamiliar place. Although it was very tired, but for the good results of the next day [url=]Marlboro Red[/url], when I saw my exam, did you notice what we should pay attention to when we took the exam? This secret, I only said to the person who read this article, hehe, Keep it secret!
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