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Shakespeare, the Antworten

Shakespeare, the great British dramatist, once said that there are no books in life, as if there is no sunshine, there is no book in wisdom [url=]Wholesale Cigarettes[/url], just like a bird without wings. Although I am only a primary school student, I also like reading books very much, so I also care for each of my books. It is a September evening. I went to Go class for the first time. In the classroom, the teacher sends a book to each child. When I was ready to go home, the sky suddenly changed my face, and it was raining heavily. I rushed to the station, but I was still not spared. I didn't run a few steps away, and the clothes were already wet. When I got on the bus, the rain was even bigger. Outside the window, the big tree was blown straight [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url], and the raindrops of the beans fell, almost blown into a parallel line. The tree swayed wildly in a madness, and the shadow fell on the ground like a devil's minions; the rain hit the window and hit the door, squeaking like a thunderous drum. I thought: "Under such a big rain, without an umbrella, I will be drenched into a soup! You can do it in your hands. Can it be a soup book? Right, hide it. I can't have it in my arms. The car arrived at the station. I rushed into the rain and flew to my mother's office. But there was a traffic light in front [url=]Cheap Cigarettes[/url], and I had to stop. At this time, my whole body. It was completely soaked. The raindrops came face to face, and the wind blew my face for a while. I wrapped my clothes tightly, hugged my hands and finally waited until the green light, I rushed wildly. I went into my mother's office. But my mother was not there. I stood there shivering, the cold rain ran down my hair, and the floor was wet. The aunt of the office saw it and hurryed to find me. Put it on, I also called my mother. Mom immediately came. She saw me like this, and said with a distressed heart: "I am sorry for my son, I only care about the students, I have not come to pick you up with such a big rain." Carefully from the arms After a book, I said, "It doesn't matter, you have to give classes to your brothers and sisters. Give, this is the teacher's book. The mother took my Go book and was amazed. The book is dry, a little bit. I didn't get wet! That's because I kept it in my arms, I didn't let it rain. When I saw the book in front of me, my mother gave me two hairs and told me two. Story: There was a famous historian Sima Guang in the Northern Song Dynasty. One day, his son Sima Kang was helping him to compile "Zi Zhi Tong Jian". When he saw his son reading a book with nails, he was very angry and serious. He taught his experience and methods of loving books: before reading, first clean the desk and put on the tablecloth; when reading, you should sit upright; when flipping the pages, you must first lift the edge of the page with the side of the right thumb. Then use the index finger to cover it gently to uncover a page. He taught his son to say: People who do business should save more money, and readers should take good care of books and contemporary famous novelist Lu Xun, who also loves books in his childhood. . When you buy a book, you must check it carefully. Some lines are loaded with books. It is easy to get off the line. He will change the cover and re-schedule it. When reading a book, he always wipes the table clean and sees that the fingers are dirty. On the dirty table, there is no book, and the dirty hand does not turn the book [url=]Cigarettes Online[/url]. He hates to use the middle finger or forefinger to scrape on the page, so that the corner of the book is tilted up, and then pinch the habit of turning it over. He also specifically I prepared a box myself [url=]Online Cigarettes[/url], put all kinds of books in the same neatly, and put the mothballs in the box to prevent the insects. Lu Xun��s good habit of loving books like a treasure, which runs through him, runs through him. He has read a book like a sea of ??smoke. The book he bought is based on the "book statistics" in Lu Xun's Diary. From 1912 to 1939, there were more than 9,000 books. His collection of books is always tied. Lu Xun's life is poor, the biggest property is his precious collection of books. After the story is finished, my mother ridiculed: "Son, how is your behavior in the eyes of your mother so beautiful today?" After listening to this, I quickly said: "Mom, your love for students is also beautiful in my eyes!" "I proudly glared at the bread that my mother handed over, and looked at the safe and honest Go book. I am glad that I didn't do the comment of the instructor Chen Weifang today: What is beauty? In the eyes of the little author, I love books and books. It is inseparable from the mother's words and deeds as a teacher. The mother only cares about the students and has forgotten the son who came home in the storm. The good behavior of loving books and protecting books and the mother's temptation and subtle influence It is inseparable.
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