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Staying in the city for Antworten

Staying in the city for a while, you will be dragged by a kind of gossip called a nostalgia, especially want to go back to the countryside and I will be able to breathe through the hills that I raise. The march of cars is increasingly making the boundaries between cities and villages less clear. I got off the bus and I was very happy. The vast countryside of the dusty China, which has been flooded with dust in the air, is unrelentingly ridiculously demolition. My country is no exception, modern factories are everywhere, collectively planned buildings are always visible, rural farmers are Waiting for the rescuing, you can get rid of the land, enter the clean and bright buildings [url=]Marlboro Red[/url], and some can even become a million or millions of riches overnight [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url]. The distant mountains and the near fields have been opened up in all walks of life. The courtyards are also covered with simple brick houses. Anyone who can seize them is registered one by one. Urban affair is also invading the country one by one, and chess rooms, dance halls, pharmacies, supermarkets, and restaurants are everywhere. At the same time of prosperity, it is convenient for farmers and brings some pollution. The countryside is in line with the city, so you can't tell the city and the village in the full sense. The old houses and small houses have gradually been reduced, the self-sufficient rural farming is disappearing, the industrialized rural areas are gradually forming, the new socialist countryside is beginning to take shape, the rural style is being squeezed less and less, and many rural landscapes have faded out. My vision, what else is still standing in the countryside, I am looking for the rural atmosphere, remembering that I was a primary school or a middle school, the village introduced plastic greenhouses to plant vegetables, every household has a model of input and use. My family did not invest in the production of greenhouses. Plastic films were often used to cover the good dishes. The shelves were covered with wicker. Not to mention the rise of vegetables through the film shed was gratifying. Now my mother often buckles the vegetables in the small yard of my house. As soon as the harvest is completed as soon as possible, the greenhouses of rural farms have become less and less, and they are large-scale plant ecological parks. The original features of many villages have gradually withdrawn from sight, but they are deeply imprinted on the bottom plate of my memory. The most impressive thing is that at the foot of the North Mountain, which is less than 200 meters away from my home, there is a small railway station with Japanese architectural style [url=]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url], which is the Japanese army. Built in Lushun, it covers an area of ??more than 100 square meters, a large ticket office, two small studios, green tile white walls, white fences, more than one meter wide ticket gate, only for ticket inspection Passed by passengers and passengers. The platform is always clean, and there are two small oval flower beds, and the flowers of all kinds are vivid and patchy. Blackboard newspapers and cleaning tools are placed in an orderly manner. The staff is also very responsible. I think this railway station is bigger than Yuan Ying's "Small Station", and it is equally elegant and clean, spotless. Our village is the center of the leading town. The people in the towns and villages go out to work, go out to visit relatives and friends, go shopping in Dalian, sell fruits and vegetables, the main means of transportation is the train on this railway line. The folks rushed from the villages to pick up the burdens. At that time, people used to call "catch the train". People met on the platform to talk about the shortness of the parents, all kinds of new things, and the heat was familiar. The small station is also a people's information exchange station, maintaining the feelings of the blind date, so this small railway station is especially kind to the blind date. The small station not only has passenger cars passing through, but also the trucks that transport coal. The coal that helps a car to help a car is unloaded at our small station, and then transported by large trucks to various units. When we are young, our sisters often take the winter. We were very happy and happy, now we are coming to the station and picking up the small basket to the station to pick up the clean coal blocks, or the coal pieces scattered along the road. Not without fun. Yes! No matter how hard and hardworking, childhood is happy and happy. The happiness at that time is as simple as that. When I grew up, I went to Dalian to study shopping and often took the train. The small station was an important and beautiful memory from childhood to youth. Last year, I occasionally returned home once, and I was shocked that the small station no longer existed. It was originally razed to the ground in the previous year due to the needs of rural urbanization and was converted into a modern expressway [url=]Cigarettes For Sale[/url]. It��s too much to make me regret, my heart is so depressed for a while now that my small village and my hometown are also facing relocation [url=]Cigarettes Online[/url], even if it is difficult to bear, it must be turned into the flood of Hong Tao. Everything in the country can only be a permanent memory. I am fortunate that I am a native of rural areas. I have such a rich rural experience. The natural simplicity of the country nourishes my life.
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