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The meeting last year was just for the dream of the coming year. This is Xiao Hu��s call to me, and the dream is his thoughts on the New Year��s Eve last year. I listened to my dreams and helped him to make up for the bricks. It was to make his dreams more fulfilling. On the morning of the 29th, he used a mobile phone to call me a rush call from his hometown [url=]Marlboro Cigarettes[/url]. Big Brother, first day, second day at home? I want to talk to you and help me plan my next year's work. If you are a normal friend, you will definitely not reveal your own heart. Because he has had a relationship with me for a while, and he has confidence in me. I believe that I can give him some fog and solve some of his confusion. I am optimistic about Xiaohu, and I am willing to serve as a staff member for Xiaohu, so I promised him that he can hear it. He is full of hope for the New Year. He just has a hint of enlightenment, looking at the obstacles of the coming year, and still have some in his heart. Confused, when stepping into the New Year's Gate, I want to ask about the moments when the fog is gone, and what the confusion of the heart can shake off [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url]. When people are dreaming, they need someone to guide, guide, and get a dream. To be happy, he told me in the mobile phone that because of the Spring Festival, the city that I live in has stopped the bus and has to turn. Many places of the car. But he said, I will definitely come over tomorrow. The next day, he really came over and flew to the provincial capital. When I got off the plane, he called me and asked me to meet him on the first day of the year. I felt out that he was eager to find me. He must have thought of sifting out the dream net earlier, turning the dream into action as soon as possible, and using action to prove that he had tomorrow��s hope and Xiao Hu��s meeting was the afternoon of the first day of the year. The corner of the road not far from my neighborhood. I don't want him to go home to have a feast of the New Year. I suggest that I go to a tea room to talk to me, and Xiao Hu hasn't eaten lunch yet. I also want to go to the tea room to order a meal. To this end, I took a step by step with him and walked on the sidewalk along the road, but I walked through several streets, and there was no tea room or snack bar in the business, including the tea room and the familiar ones. snack bar. In fact, many shops in the city have been closed to the door with the joy of the Spring Festival. Therefore, we only saw the car going home or walking, the people walking in the shopping, and the old people playing in the park. It��s not a small hungry hunger in the time of this New Year��s holiday. I really don��t want to This way, I walked blindly, and I wanted to go to the nearby park as soon as possible to find a place to sit and talk. Suddenly, I thought of the tea bar in the hotel lobby. Go, the little Husbands go to a big hotel, the tea bar there must be open, I will talk about it. To this end, we turned the road, took another distance [url=]Marlboro Red[/url], and then went to the big hotel. Going in and seeing, the tea bar is very depressed. There are so many teas in the spacious hall. No one is sitting leisurely. We found a tea next to the bar and sat down. We ordered two cups of green tea first, and we ordered the cake to be eaten by Xiaohu. At the meal, the waiter told us that it was already after the hour and the chefs were off work [url=]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url]. Then come to some fruit bowls and the like! Xiao Hu said the voice with the waiter. Sorry, there is no fruit plate here, and the waiter��s face is humbly back to Xiao Hu��s words. In fact, the hotel's tea bar is different from the franchise tea room, that is, there is no fruit melon. But I still complained that the New Year's Day is not so ready to send some points. Just when I still want to ask, when there are no snacks nearby, Xiao Hu took the call and told me, Big Brother, forget it, just have a tea chat! In the evening, I said that Xiao Hu and I sighed in the gloom of the past, and made a fairly fair judgment on myself, especially the reasons for the failure, and thoroughly transparent. He said that he now does not want to let himself live in the past, determined to change his living method different from the past. Therefore, he let thinking to make a dream of hope. His dream is to get new development in the city where I live. His imagination of his new development, I can not feel that there are unreasonable fakes, but the preconditions for falling dreams must be met, otherwise the dream is just a shadow of the heart, the illusion of life, the feeling of whimsy and empty. Help him to split the node of the dream to analyze, point it out to solve the knot and prevent some failures, and then let his dreams and dream blood connect to try to see if there is a fresh life. I finally told him that if the premise of dreams can be truly connected, then the hope of dreaming will have a good future. There are not many fresh dreams in life. To do every fresh dream, you must pour all your efforts, and you must not retreat. He dreamed of the city where I live because he had too many feelings and feelings about the city. The real reading of the society is the city. He has lived in the rivers and lakes. He has experienced the society and working, he has become his own business, he has had a heartfelt love, and now there are many net-like feelings. Turning the ground to pull his heart, holding the love and affection hanging, scattered people and things, let him have the soil that can survive, it is easy to leave. Now, life is forcing him and he must be a person with a head. We always talked about breaking up at 8 o'clock in the evening, and I supported his dream with a smile [url=]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url]. Perhaps, my smile is to crack the password that makes him dream, and suddenly he laughs with my smile. If a person has a dream, there will be a budding heartbeat, and there will be a promising future beckoning. The dream is to illuminate the light of the forward journey. As long as you look at the road, do not go around and bend the corner, and always walk firmly. No matter where you reach the end of the world, the last aura will surely embrace his victory to stand on the way home. I feel that the Spring Festival dreams of the hope of the New Year, that is the real New Year. At the beginning of the year, if a person has a dream, I don��t know how many poems and paintings this New Year��s exhibition has drawn, how many wonderful life, how much social beauty. On New Year's Day, I walked with Xiao Hu in his dreams and sat in a tea bar with only a cup of tea and some light fragrance. I really felt very happy and happy. I really look forward to Xiao Hu��s dream, a dream come true, a brilliant dream.

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