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24.07.2019 03:43
People live in the world Antworten

People live in the world, and the suffering is often much better than the joy they get. When you are happy, you listen to music. When you are sad, you begin to understand the lyrics. As a result, the more you grow up, the more lonely you become, and the more you resonate with your troubles. Time has spurred us to grow up, but we all shouted that we didn't want to grow up. The lost childhood told us that we were youthful, and that boys and girls appeared in a youthful documentary. Youth is the waves, rolling over the layers of troubles and sorrows, and carrying a passion and passion. After a burst of frenzied struggle, in a quiet night, we will have a faint sorrow in our hearts, perhaps because of loneliness, perhaps because of loss, perhaps because of boring... complicated and cumbersome mood can��t say no reason, no reason. From elementary school to junior high school, high school, and university, we have experienced four different stages of learning. Junior high school and high school are basically learning for study, and the biggest contrast is primary school and university. From a schoolboy who is not sensible to a college student who begins to comprehend life, how many people can still retain the innocence, liveliness and cuteness of primary school, and how many college students can live in today's society with this "naive". When we grew up, we started to run, farther and farther away from our childhood. When we fell, we never ran back. Only when the old man told us about our childhood story, we can be clear [url=]Cheap Cigarettes[/url]. Seeing our differences with childhood is better in childhood. It is also a thing of the past. If we never grow up, then we will not grow up. When people grow up, they think more things, their burdens are heavy, their troubles come, and their personality may change. How many young boys and girls [url=][/url], how many times have they felt, then, is it still me? I don��t know when it started [url=]Marlboro Lights[/url], and sorrow has become the endorsement of growing up. Every growth is accompanied by a dull sadness, and sorrow becomes an inevitable emotion. Reason has been suppressed by sensibility [url=]Wholesale Cigarettes[/url]. From a person's expression, words, to his or her articles, speeches, and changed QQ signatures, all reveal a sense of sadness in the world. Every experience, every scar, is a testimony to growth. We are not sure, which injury will make us make a complete change, what we will become, and it is still unknown. We are young, just young, we will have crazy pursuits, and we will lose ourselves. Maybe we will make a lot of mistakes [url=]Online Cigarettes[/url]. Maybe we are still living in the mistakes of the past and buried in pain. However, the wrong ones have to pass, and the past may be wrong, wrong, wrong, and more. What about? Living in the pain of the past, how to face the good times of today? Time flies, there is no trace of time, if you spend it in decadence, you don��t waste the heart of the youthful flower, but the heart is filled with seeds, the flowers are intentional, the water is ruthless, the love of men and women, and the youthful landscape. I was bored, I flipped through the magazine, and one of the words attracted me. The book said: "I like you, not
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