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24.07.2019 03:43
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because you are beautiful, but because you have given me special feelings on special days. "This reminds me of what my classmates said to me. He said: "In college, I didn't learn anything. I learned a lot about the girl's ability. I really benefited a lot." Funny, but it is also true. It��s no surprise that there have been couples who dare not hold hands in front of everyone. Once we liked a person, secretly put it in my heart, and now I can say it easily in the university, "I like you." How many boys, once under the impulse of drinking, picked up the mobile phone confession, after waking up, all felt the power of alcohol, even if it failed, I remember once, I returned to the dormitory with alcohol [url=]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url], at this time It was very late. My roommate asked me if I was drinking. I only answered a "hmm" and I was lying in bed. Although I was very tired, I also clearly heard that he blurted out. He said: " After a man drinks, the first thing he lie down and do is think of a woman." There is no doubt that he is right. As for who I was thinking about at the time, why did I drink alcohol, now I have forgotten it. In fact, we all have the urge to "get drunk and solve thousands of miles", and also have the experience of "toasting and eliminating sputum." We all think about going crazy for a few times, but we often get lost because we can't grasp the direction. No matter what we are frustrated, once we bring up the wine, it seems that nothing is important. At this moment, it seems that the wine is already All of us [url=]Cigarettes Online[/url]. We have rebellious and impulsive youths along the way, with the blood and passion of youth, and the sadness and sorrow of youth. Once we talked about a girl talking to the night; once, we described each other��s image of the goddess in our hearts; We are talking about the girls who have fallen in love in high school. It is undeniable that when I came to the university, the ability of boys to chase girls was much longer. We also began to learn to match every couple. Whenever one of the beautiful women returns to the world, they will be alive and well, but when the situation is frustrated, all of them will be the same person. "Lovely since the ancient injury, parting, more cold, fall to the Qing Festival", this sad parting words, compared to "from the ancient times, more than empty love, this hate is inexhaustible", seems to be more circulated on the university campus. Love and hate to parting, and how many times have our youthful joys and sorrows been repeated, we are silently reading the words of "willing to have one heart, white heads are not separated"; how many times have we remembered to say "the hand of the hand The impulse of "old and old"; how many times have we had the miss of "I don't see a day [url=]Wholesale Cigarettes[/url], such as the Spring and Autumn Period"; how many times have we unknowingly wrote the familiar name [url=]Parliament Cigarettes[/url]. People's feelings are complicated. We will never understand through falling in love. Isn't there a saying like this? The male and female IQs in love are zero, perhaps the fans of the authorities will be trapped by complicated emotions. Sometimes, too much care is also a burden. If you are tired, you will suffer other people's life. You have to experience three emotions. When we were born [url=]Marlboro Gold[/url], we came into contact with our family. When we grew up, we began to contact friendship. Later, slowly, we turned to love. Close. Sometimes, we can't tell whether it is a missed love or a lost friendship. Youth has too many memories. Whenever we think of past events, we always have a smile and a little regret and sadness. Perhaps when we were old, sitting alone under the shade of the trees, blowing the cool breeze, remembering the young people at that time, only to discover that the original, youth, how good, is a kind of commemoration.
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