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07.08.2019 10:32
The night is lonely Antworten

The night is lonely, and the night is fragrant. Stepping on the lonely loneliness, stepping back in the darkness. Who can remember the present season? In the light smile, I will return to the breeze, never say the return date, and never ask the wind. A faint thing is to have a faint mood. What you want is a shallow fragrance. When the road is far away, and there is a lot of loneliness and helplessness, you can't help but want to reach out to a soul who is also walking in loneliness. When I caught it, I thought that I had caught the scenery of my whole life, and I laughed and laughed all the way. Walking and walking, I accidentally dissipated; loved to love, I accidentally fainted and grinned, and found that I suddenly became indifferent, laughing open-minded. Life is like this. No one can predict what will happen next [url=]Cheap Cigarettes[/url]. When all the answers are inadvertently produced, learn to accept the smile and then look at everything lightly. In the cool breeze, we always miss all the sunshine. When the real sun shines on the earth, perhaps we feel the glare of the sun. At the moment, what is needed is quiet, and what is needed at the moment is the heart. All the love will make us burst into tears inadvertently. Sometimes, we don't love, but we don't love, and we lack the true interpretation of love. We lack the inclusiveness of love and add a bit of selfishness to ourselves. No matter who is selfish, this selfishness has nothing to do with friendship, it doesn't matter to love, it doesn't matter to family. In all the choices, the first place is always yourself. Many times, this selfishness has caused many people to lose the moral bottom line that they should stick to, but no one has found that they are ultimately wrong. Because everyone first thinks about their own interests. Therefore, when everything and interests conflict, friendship, love, and family are far away, and they are lost. When you think about it all, you don't feel terrible. We have always been adhering to the fact that people are not for themselves and that they are destroyed. Thinking about it will make you smile lightly. If you don't want to do this, it doesn't mean you can stop all people from surviving according to their own thinking. People are real, and society is also realistic. Only unrealistic talents live in virtual fairy tales, and finally they will hurt their lungs. Laughing and laughing, sometimes there will be tears rolling in my eyes. Suddenly I feel that I don��t know whether it��s funny for my own understanding, or that I am lamenting for everyone��s hard work for themselves. Life is a play [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url]. If you play [url=]Marlboro Red[/url], you will inadvertently enter the show. You still don��t know how to be real in the play. In the quiet days, when you listen carefully to the voice from your heart, It will inevitably find that I have not asked myself what I need for a long time. In all the chaos, sometimes silly and drifting, and gradually change themselves. So, pick up all of my heart again, then smile by the eyebrows, and find that when you smile, it is really beautiful. That smile can't be a country or a city, but it can dump all of its hearts. People are alive, not to please others, but to please themselves. If you can't even be happy with yourself, this kind of life is still a life. It's a smile. I found that the days are very real. I found that the years are actually pure, but my heart has been confused and I want something I want. Shake it. Therefore, many of them have changed their tastes and are no longer original. So, to put away the confusion in my heart, but also a quiet, in the water years, but also a heart. Pouting and smiling, I feel that I am so sly and clear, and the eyebrows are no longer a faint sorrow. In all the glory days, I have to end up with my own peace of mind. When your heart calms down, you will understand the truth. It is a flower season. Flowers will never bloom forever. With the fade, there will be a more beautiful fragrance in the coming year. The road is quiet, but one The road of man is gone. There is no perfection in life, and those who pursue perfection are doomed to imperfections in this life. Life is like this. Walking and walking, you will realize a lot of things, just as you understand that flowers only open for one season.
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